Clicking thumbnails in a gallery leads to a blank screen!

Purchased Themegood Photography and deployed version 7.0 into my website around a month ago. Loaded test Galleries look good but clicking any thumbnail in the galleries leads to a blank screen. Two emails requesting support have been ignored; essentially no support at all. I would appreciate any feedback from other members.


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeGoods hope they will helped!


Here is the link.


We replied your tickets 2-3 weeks ago and basically we are waiting for your reply. Please reply to your ticket.

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I have replied to your reply and still not seeing a feedback.


I have not had a reply to my reply on May 31st? How long before someone responds?

We’re still waiting for you reply. You never replied anything since our last reply. Please see screenshot here

Please reply here ThemeGoods

I have actually replied twice; once replied to a Peter from ThemeGood and today to you; below is screenshot of my reply with the info you required.

Is that right in your screenshot “to: Envato forums” - obviously we can’t see the ticket/thread so this may be correct but it doesn’t sounds like that is who the ticket should be going to?

This looks more like a reply to the forum discussion email rather than on the actual ticket on @ThemeGoods support portal?

Do you have a screenshot of the conversation on the ticket itself (as per @ThemeGoods screenshot above)?

You have to reply to your ticket on our support portal here Please reply here ThemeGoods

This is Envato public forum and within the ticket. We asked you to provide an access which is your private data so we recommend you to reply through private ticket instead for your own security.

Within your account on our support portal. Please see screenshot here

Your last login was 3 weeks ago. Please reply to our support staff on your ticket. We are more than happy to help.

Nice shot. Especially the light and texture