Please someeone help me : Bug on a themeforest theme

Hi, I’m facing a difficulty with a theme I bought to Themeforest more than a year ago and therefore I don’t benefit support anymore. I’m begging for help as this difficulty is more than probably a bug and should I have been aware of this bug I would have opened a ticket before but I just discovered it a couple of days ago.
Please someone help me with this or indicates to whom I should writte about.

Thank you very much !

You can share the issue here and someone may he willing to offer a solution (make sure that all the basics are done first like updating the theme, WordPress etc), or else you can hire help at

Hi, thank you so much for your answer. I would appreciate very much some help indeed.

Here is the problem:

I have a photography website. I bought Vakker theme on December the 10 of 2018. I decided a couple of weeks ago to add a “blog” section .
On one of the blog page I build that fits ma need there’s an Elated element that doesn’t work properly.
Thi element is the “Elated Blog List” that displays thumbnails of articles AND metadata underneath each of the thumbnails. Every single metadata can be chosen and thus read under the thumbnail of the articles. EVERY single metadata like, author, category etc… EXCEPT for the one that is needed on a blog page… The publication date !
That meta data can be display when you click on the thumbnail and a new page opens withe the choosen articles but that publication date doesn’t appear under the thumbnail THOUGH the option exist on the Elated Blog List and it is checked. See images Screenshotblog1, screenshotblog2 and screenshotblog3:


I would very much appreciate if someone is willing to offer me an hand on this indeed but I think it’s Envato/elated who should take care of this ( I have created Id and password for a intervention, I have tried to reach them but as I’ unfortunatly no longer under support my 2 hours long written mail couldn’t be sent); To my opinion it’s some kind of bug and I just discovered it now , that means that I bought it like this and it’s sure my fault if I didn’t see that too soon but it’s not my fault if they’re selling a default product. Next step I can’t hear from them I 'll go wild on twitter