The author unable to solve my problem of updates in the theme I just have bought, What should I do??

Hi there, maybe someone can help me with my prob?

I’ve bought a theme EcoWaste from, (the author is KodeForest).
As I opened it up, I saw that I cannot activate the plugins “revolution slider” and “KodeForest Importer” 'cause it should be updated in order to work. I tried to work things out with the author, wrote to him and also opened a ticket to get help.
Richard White from KodeForest tried to solve things out but with no avail, already 2 weeks passed and nothing works. “The theme doesnt work as it should, as the author claimed it should work”

On the EnvatoMarket was written, in description: "I need to update my bundled plugin"
If you’ve received an alert about a plugin that needs to be updated, or your plugin is no longer working with your theme, this could be because the plugin was recently updated.
Unless you have purchased the plugin separately, the author of the theme will provide the latest version of the bundled plugin with their next theme update.

What should I do in order to get a refund from the author? Someone knows?

Have the author provided the latest version of the plugin?

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…just because of that I’m writing this post

Without the details, it’s hard for anyone here to judge and it seems odd that they won’t give the update as it is usually not a big job.

If that is the case then you can take it up with envato who may be able to help