What Is Themeforest Doing About Authors Who Don't Maintain And Update Their Products

I was the first or second person to purchase this Theme - (removed by mod) on themeforest last year. I discovered many bugs and reported to theme author to update but till today, these guys have not updated the theme. Right now, theme is not compatible with the latest WordPress version but they never respond to comments requesting theme to update their theme.
It’s either Themeforest give their theme authors/provider mandatory time for each provider to give update releases or delist such providers who don’t want to update their products. I believe that’s the only way Themeforest can protect its customers because it is not easy get to refund.

Hi @Geetax,

It is not enough to take action against an author because of author is not updating their item time to time. But if the item exist bugs for a long time and author not responding to customer and not trying to fix those bugs through updating their item then envato can take necessary steps against the item (send warning to author to fix bugs and at then end if not fix then disabled the item from the envato marketplace).

If you have any such bad experience with any item you can report it to directly to envato by opening a Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.