Authors abandoning theme updates

Why can’t more stricken rules be imposed on developers abandoning their theme updates.

Themeforest should really relook this.

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Maybe an upfront policy that the theme will be updated through X number of Wordpress updates/months/years or some sort of compensation will be issued?

I understand the concern but the “compatibility” section is for the purpose that buyers should check the item compatibility and which versions it’s supported before buying it.

Checking thousands of the items per month would create another problem for Envato - that they need to hire someone just to check the items ( not the files, itself ) as Envato doesn’t own the items, technically, it’s author’s responsibility to update the items. But Envato cannot force the authors unless there’s a serious issue.

Envato doesn’t own the items as well as authors are not part of Envato, they cannot force anyone to do anything unless there’s a serious problem which they could only disable the item for an update.