Unsupported themes by author

We bought a wordpress theme about 2 years ago. After a wordpress update the theme doesnt save any changes anymore. The website is therefore useless so now I need to contact client that he needs a new website. But people can still buy this theme only for an old wordpress install. I think this is unwise because of security. Also I think it is a bit misleading. My questions are therefore;

  1. Shouldn’t themes that are not supported anymore by the author, be blocked for sales ?
  2. In order to prevent this author to do fast sales and don’t give support anymore should envato has better protection for their clients?

When a purchaser purchase a theme from themeforest that time he will received 6 month support there.

  1. Author item blocked is depending of Envato Rules.
  2. If any of item are supported here will you find item supported or not = http://prntscr.com/n6u92x .
    if you face any issue suppose = Before purchasing item was supported and after purchasing that item will stop item support then open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer there is no issue.
    Bad behavior does not tolerate from any of End .

Hope you understand.

It’s a tricky one -

  1. as long as it worked at the time of approval and lists the various versions support on the item page then that is likely to be enough

(Don’t forget support is not mandatory - assuming it is not listed as supported of course)

  1. it maybe that some devs may still want to get an item that could require an update to be made if it ticks most of what they need

  2. in the case of “clients” - could the person doing the website for them not address the required updates?

  3. if a buyer buys an item and immediately realises it doesn’t support the latest versions then they would probably be entitled to a refund BUT years on it will be less likely because envato have in the T&Cs that they can’t guarantee availability, lifetime etc for items (they don’t own items sold here).

  4. if an item is listed as supported and the author is it providing support (within the 6 month or extended period) then again a refund may well be given. As per above, years later would probably fall outside this.

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