what if the seller refuse item support

i have purchased a theme “Travelkit - The Full-fledged Tour & Travel WordPress Theme” 3 month ago , still there 2 month support remaining for the theme but the seller refused any support for the buyer, particularly who buy the theme from themeforest . what to do now ?


If your purchase item author refund to support then you can ask for refund New refund request,
Helpful article about you deserve refund or not
Here you can see envato market refund policy

If you deserve refund then and he don’t refund then you can get in touch with envato suppor team and raise a dispute against that author.

envtao market support team


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here is the reply from the themeum support , i already developed my site using the theme but still there is some basic issue with the theme that need to be fixed . please suggest what should be my next step .

I’m sorry about your issue we can’t providing you support and remember author are not responsible for item customization.

The item page still advertises as supported so you are right in that you should be entitled to that.

You can reach out to envato about them now refusing the support when it is advertised Envato Market Help and Support

But the issue is if the problem is something within support policies. Beyond this envato can not force authors to continue supporting or updating items so based on the screenshot the author has the right to stop updates and remove the item if they choose

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