ThemeForest WordPress rules broke most of my sites. Is it a scam to make money with support licenses?

I really do not want to take the time to understand what changes Envato required of WP developers and why.

But I am very unhappy about them, because they broke most of my sites.

A fecitious person might call this a scam by Envato to make more money for support licenses that would otherwise not have been bought.

Out of interest what is it that makes you think the issue was due to a change in the rules by TF? Esp. if you are not aware of what change to requirements may have been implemented?

Could it not be an issue with theme updating, compatibility with newer versions, hosting?

Fair question @charlie4282. The reason why I think that the recent flood of broken theme updates happens because of changes in the rules by Envato, is that I get many theme update notifications with very similar (warning) messages. Something like:

Because of the new regulations by Envato concerning WordPress themes, this is a major update and we have changed our code structure in such and such a way to reflect those changes.

But, maybe you as a volunteer moderator have the time to shed light on what Envato now requires, why they do it, and what that meant for developers.

I guess these are the rules that I was talking about:

Those are not just some made up rules. Those are good code practices which authors should follow with or without Envato. Envato is now just enforcing them to increase the quality of the themes on ThemeForest. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to update the old themes with those rules in mind without doing some huge changes which will break compatibility with existing websites.

You can always keep using the old versions and update only when you will be ready for that.

Bottom line: it is definitely not a scam, quite the opposite.