Cannot select newest items? is it on purpose?

It seems to back?

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“Order by Newest” DOES NOT work on CodeCanyon. Envato should act fast.

‘Order by Newest’ still does not work, videohive.

I’m facing the same issue.

Hi all, really sorry about the late reply, just wanted to say that we were able to confirm the bug had reoccurred and fixed it again about 16h ago. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Bug come again. Notice today

default item in above are “best rated” insted of “newest item”. Kindly check and resolve.

something is wrong again…default item in all Videohive categories is “trending items”…

to me default on videohive is best sellers, should be fixed asap

Hey there,

We are running some A/B tests at the moment (Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages) to determine the impact of changing the default sort order. It’s possible to switch the sort order to your preference after being enrolled in the experiment. Please let us know if you have any more concerns.


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Hi! There are no problems with sorting.
By default (on GraphicRiver) shows the best sellers.
It for a long time?

How does anyone is going to find out about new products? I feel so sorry for anyone who uploaded their new items.


It is an experiment. How many he to last, it isn’t known. For new authors of sale have fallen. We hope that the Envato team will make so that it wasn’t offensive for anybody.

Everyone already knows the impact of changing the default sort order. It’s common sense.

New items & authors will get no sales, the biggest authors will get more.

Unless you are Elite and have best selling items it is pointless using Envato anymore, better off selling your items from your own website rather than giving Envato 70% for doing nothing.


Worst start of the week in a long, long time. Are you “experimenting” with AudioJungle too? In any case, I will strongly reject the notion of changing the sort order as being just a “look and feel” feature.


I’m not normally scared of change, but if this isn’t just due to a temporary fluctuation, this is a real head chopper. Anyone else seeing sales drops like this?


Yes, analytics are just terrible. No one sees our items.

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My sales have fallen too (GraphicRiver)
It’s horrible!

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same situation here

Broken…again…on CodeCanyon. Shows “Order by Top Rated” by default.

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Still not fixed

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Dear Envato Team. We love you for the fact that you differ from others. We hope you make the correct decision. With love, your authors!!

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