Envato Famous Five Submissions


Hey Community!

It is my pleasure to reopen this thread in preparation for a rebooted Famous 5.

Hopefully, you know the drill. If you’ve had an Envato item used by a celebrity or big brand in a project, we want to hear about it!

Post a link to the place you saw it (the video, the website, whatever!), and a link to the item used, and I’ll take a look at them.

If your item is chosen, you’ll appear in a future episode of the Famous 5!

To jog your memory here’s one of the episodes we did in 2017.

So far we’ve seen @Puk’s Stockmarket ticker pop up in a music video with over 500 million views, SUPER_8's video template appear in a video featuring “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” superstar Daisy Ridley , and even Lego using one of Senora's files and it got me wondering who else’s items have achieved fame this year?

So, if you’ve had an item pop-up somewhere awesome, let me know with a reply below and I’ll curate them into a wrap-up!

Thaaaaanks!!! :grinning::smile::relaxed:

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upbeat track in promo video

Hi, not sure if SFX are ever famous but the fanfare at 0:50 in this has had 11M+ views:

Cheers :sunglasses:



Congrats ENVATO! I have achievements too :sunglasses:


That is great!


Can we get links to these references?


We’d love to hear about them. Post them here if you like!


Awesome …


Mainstream ad

how mainstream? Can Sheet Tamer commercial be considered mainstream if it’s been running on Cloo during NCIS and other series?


Yes, definitely.


The Sheet Tamer commercial: https://www.sheettamer.com/
The track: http://audiojungle.net/item/corporate-motivation/10434531


Commercial for soda on a main channel in my country:

The track:

Commercial for “yapQ - Worldwide audio city guides”:

The track:

Thanks :smile:


my work use in this great show

Thanks for use this item of buyers and thanks envato for shear my work
and my item





Lap Times in McLaren, Porsche, Audi, BMW, WV, Scion .


Hi there,

My item was used in “New Global Map [World of Tanks ]” video by Wargaming:


My work )) https://vimeo.com/143034815


I have no videos but Tunesat service said for me that one of my best seller track was used twice on TV!
First time used on RTL 4 - RTL Snowmagazine (One of the bigest comercial Nederlands TV Channel)
Second time was used on TV Guide Channel - Paragon Pro Wrestling Show
For me it’s very good achievements.
I think have more but I don’t know yet… :smile:


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