Envato Famous Five #13



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Welcome to Envato Famous Five!. Each week we’ll be taking a look at five examples of Envato items popping up in famous places. If you’d like to contribute head to our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread.


Reviews for Ant-Man may have been mixed but there’s no denying the brilliance of @CrayThemes’ “Time Travel - Timeline WordPress Theme”, used for a contest designed to promote the movie. How cool to have your item used by a movie that made over $500 million at the box office. Well done!

James Harvest Sports Wear Commercial


An ad for stylish clothes needs a well-crafted track to accompany it, and @BackstromMusicProduc offers just that. Accompanying the ad for James Harvest Sports Wear, “Original” offers some very crisp beats along with some soothing synth. A very good association to make with such a handsome brand.

Lufthansa Group A320neo


In a similar fashion, @GhostBox’s AudioJungle track “Inspire” ties the modern animations and graphics of this commercial for Lufthansa’s new A320neo airplane with the inspirational subject matter of new forms of flight.

Namely - The New Face of HR


@sound_cat’s “Technology Corporation Background” also does something similar in this ad for Namely.com which has been broadcast on CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Fox Business and more.

ForeignGirlfriend.com - flirt without borders


Finally to a submission for all those men out there looking for love. Well, virtual love that is. ForeignGirlfriend.com is an app that allows you to “flirt without borders”. Conveniently the track they’ve used to underscore it is @OneWaveRecords’ “Bringing Hope”, which I assume is what this app may well be trying to do for many a man.

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread


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