Envato Famous Five - Fantasy Interactive, David Guetta, Chanel, The Wrap and Knock Knock edition

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Fantasy Interactive


A well known U.S. UX and UI lab has used an Envato item.

Fantasy Interactive’s - whose rolodex of clients is full of household names - put together this concept for the future of the airline website back in 2013.

It visualises a new, more visually pleasing airline website that both sparks the discover of new places and seamlessly allows users to book their flights all in the one experience.

It’s an inspiring aspiration and on that - a few since this concept was released - is gradually becoming a reality on some airline websites. But we still have a long way to go.

The visuals are certainly the centrepoint of this piece of content, but the impact of the music they’ve chosen cannot be understated. TimMcMorrisAudioJungle item, “Movie Trailer Credits Intro” compliments this piece very well.

A fabulous endorsement from a leading company in its field.

David Guetta & Showtek – Bad ft. Vassy (Lyrics Video)


Over half a billion. That’s how many views this lyric video featuring an Envato item has gotten on YouTube.

David Guetta and Showtek’s ‘Bad’ featuring Vassy uses memoangeles’ “Zombie hands” item from GraphicRiver to great effect in a comic book style animation consistent with a lot of Guetta’s other lyric videos.

It’s such a simple item, and yet it’s so effective in this video, showing that it’s not just item you buy, it’s what you do with it.

CHANEL SS16 Backstage ft Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Delevigne #ChanelAirlines | MODTV


The fashion focused within our community may recall that in 2015 Chanel built an airport as the setting of its spring fashion show.

Well, when fashion network MODTV put together their montage of the show - featuring appearances by Cara Delevigne, recently seen in Suicide Squad and Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director of Chanel - they used two Envato items by the same author.

You’d be hard pressed to find an element in this video that’s even remotely unattractive, and that goes for MeHiLove’s two featured AudioJungle tracks, “Sabrina” and “Sunny Day Music” as well.




The Wrap - which was awarded Best Online News Website at the National Entertainment Journalism Awards in both 2009 and 2012 is being powered by an Envato item.

Covering entertainment and Hollywood gossip, with contributions from industry heavyweights and competing with similar sites like Deadline.com, the site’s pretty reliable for a few delicious scoops.
And it’s good to see it’s using MVPThemes’ “Hot Topix” theme from ThemeForest.

Knock Knock – Official Trailer


And finally today, Keanu Reeves may have shot to fame in the Matrix, but the success of his career after that sci-fi film series ended has been decidedly mixed.

‘Knock Knock’, a remake of the 1977 film ‘Death Game’ is an erotic horror thriller released in 2015. And while it didn’t do too well at the box office or in its reviews, it did give an Envato item a lot of exposure in its trailer.

The film tells the story of Evan Miller, played by Reeves - a happily married architect, left alone in his house while his wife and kids are out of town.

He’s greeted one rainy evening by two girls whose taxi dropped them off at the wrong address for a party, who - their phones being dead need to - use Evan’s wifi to order an Uber.

But while the Uber is on its way, they get a little too comfy, seducing Evan and missing their ride. And from there things go wrong as they turn the tables on Evan - having recorded the previous night’s incident, torturing him almost to the point of no return.

While it’s a pretty predictable plot and certainly wasn’t a critics’ darling, its trailer did get 7 million views on YouTube. Which - being paired with MartijndeBont’s AudioJungle track “Awaiting The Storm Trailer” - is great exposure for our us!

And that’s this week’s Envato Famous Five!

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread

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Congrats Guys! @TimMcMorris @memoangeles @meHiLove @MVPThemes @MartijndeBont

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