Envato Famous Five (Video Series!) - Marco Rubio, Sky Sharks & National Geographic


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Welcome to the very first episode of the Envato Famous Five video series!

For this inaugural edition we’ve gone back to the archives and picked some of the best items we’ve featured.

Making up this week’s list:

Legacy Effects using pmwa's "Journey of a Lifetime"


Marco Rubio using RockfordMedia's "Boats Passing Near the City at Sunrise"


Sky Sharks using 333pix's "News Ident Pack"


RoadToVR.com & VRTodayMagazine.com using tagDiv's "Newsmag - News Magazine Newspaper"

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.39.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.41.51 PMNational Geographic using SamyBeats'"Epic Cinematic Trailer 2"


And that’s our very first video Envato Famous Five!

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread

CORRECTION: A previous version of this blog promoted the National Geographic video as using Symphony-of-Specters’ track “Epic Cinematic Trailer 2” rather than SamyBeats’, “Epic Cinematic Trailer”.


And it has zero sale … https://videohive.net/item/boats-pass-near-the-city-at-sunrise/16567304


lol) But how it possible?!


The item creation date is 6 July 16
The Rubio’s video YouTube publish date 14 Feb 16
Something does not add up. Maybe the item in question is a re-post?


Nice format! like it :slight_smile:


These items are very interesting really can be said bluntly that most of the items on (envato) envato well-known and extremely valuable.Good luck to all the writers who are working on envato :+1:


Sorry for the late reply!

So, because this was a pilot episode, I did a mish-mash of items that had already been featured in the Famous Five blog series. That “Two Boats Passing Near City at Sunset” item - as it was originally titled - featured in Envato Famous Five #7 back in February. However what I didn’t realize (until we were literally filming) was that the item was no longer listed on VideoHive and its Author Great Outdoor Media had changed their name to Rockford Media.

The item we ultimately featured is exactly the same item but subtly renamed and by the same Author who has also changed their name, so that’s the one linked.

Apologies for the confusion! :grin: