Envato Famous Five #12

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Welcome to Envato Famous Five!. Each week we’ll be taking a look at five examples of Envato items popping up in famous places. If you’d like to contribute head to our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread.

BMW Driving Experience. Namibia Multiday Tour.


First up today a video for BMW Germany uses two AudioJungle tracks to accompany its feature on the driving experience over a multi-day tour of Namibia. @SunChannelMusic’s “Beach Chill Indie Rock” pops up at the beginning adding some real energy to the sweeping shots of vehicles storming through the sandy roads of Namibia. Then at 1.23 @SeaStockAudio’s “Driving Indie Anthem” drives this video to its ending. Its epic nature reverberates through the second half of this video. A shout-out to ilovemedia-es for submitting this video and identifying the items and Authors featured.

The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd Graders


Now to something incredibly moving. The Meaning of Life, explained by a six year old may be just what you need to make you feel better about yourself and your outlook on life. And this video is particularly captivating because of the track that underscores it. @LiamBradbury’s “A Moment to Reflect” absolutely lives up to its title, making you look inwards as you listen to this 3rd grader share what life is all about. With over 700,000 views this video is sure to hit 1 million sometime soon. And furthermore this is a great piece of content to have your work featured in as it’s a topic that will always be relevant and useful to people, providing some long term exposure for this talented Author’s beautiful item. Well done.

Makeup Designer Caroline Barnes’ Website

Popular makeup designer Caroline Barnes has used @GreenTreeLabs’ “Final Tiles WordPress Gallery” plugin on her website. Barnes has over 10 thousand Twitter followers and more than 12 thousand Instagram followers showing how popular she is on social media, and thus how great it is to have one of our CodeCanyon items endorsed by such a prominent figure in the makeup/fashion world.

Ebrucamoda.com, Hülya Aslan'la Stilinizi Belirliyor!


@Crismusica’s “Just Positive” lives up to its name by adding some palpably good vibes to this video from Turkish fashion website Yesiltopuklar.com. Nice exposure from a very cute video.

Spider-Man vs Deadpool - Cardboard


And finally, if you’ve ever wanted to see Spider-Man and Deadpool verse each other in a dance off (I mean, who hasn’t), it’s your lucky day. With over 1.6 million views it looks like a lot of people have been pretty entertained by this video from D Piddy. And what’s even more impressive is the track they’re dancing off to is from AudioJungle! Author @kloudization has absolutely scored having his track “Funk and Dubstep” featured in this viral video, an amazing achievement that should be celebrated.

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread


Whoah, I had no idea. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for featuring my song!

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My god :slight_smile: Thanks. Also this item used by D17 TV yesterday in Fance .

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