Envato Famous Five #7 - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, The Weeknd, Ellen, Ted Cruz, Nike and American Express

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The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Live From Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show)


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is aired every year in the U.S. and around the world. It shows off the brand’s latest collections and features some of the world’s most popular fashion models.

It also has a history of musical performances with artists as diverse as the Spice Girls, Kanye West and Katy Perry having previously graced the stage.

In 2015 it was The Weeknds turn. And to accompany this performance of his hit song “Can’t Feel My Face” was d3luxxe’s VideoHive item, “Editable Fireworks Package”.

The visuals look stunning, playing in the background of this glossy stage. And the 17 million views as well as the global broadcast this performance got, amount to a remarkable amount of exposure for this item eye catching item.

Music to Ellen’s ears


Sticking with music and there are few places more high profile to have your work appear than on Ellen.

This daily talk show aired around the world is immensely popular on TV and online. And in her two-thousandth show, the iconic host put together a wrap-up video of all the superstars that have graced her stage. And to help her she used an Envato item.

Ultinato’s VideoHive template, “Mosaic Block Reveal” opens and closes this package which features One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Coldplay just to name a few.

Having an item to be featured in front of millions of others on one of the most popular talk shows in the world, now that’s something to talk about.

Presidential Election 2016


Can you believe the U.S. presidential election is still months away? I can’t!

Yet as exhausted as I am, I’m still enthusiastic. Mostly due to the incredible amount of Envato items we keep finding in campaign material.

We’ve had Marco Rubio getting in trouble for using a VideoHive item showing shots of Canada, while he was actually talking about America.

We’ve had Hillary Clinton use Adigold’s AudioJungle item, “Built to Perfection” in a campaign video covering her reputation fighting for the needs of children.

And now another candidate has used an Envato item. No it’s not Donald Trump… It’s Ted Cruz!

After winning the state of Wisconin, the Cruz campaign put this video together thanking the state featuring StudioKolomna’s AudioJungle track, “Patriot Pack” - go figure.

Paired with footage of Cruz supporters celebrating, and the candidate himself delivering his victory speech, this video is meant to be inspiring and emotionally charged.

And it’s not the only item Cruz has used this election season.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.06.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.08.11 PM

His run for president may not have turned out so well, but his website could’ve been a lot worse if it wasn’t for SeventhQueen’s ThemeForest template, “KLEO”.

With so much attention on his campaign over the last few months, this would’ve been sensational exposure for this item.

Nike — We Run London


An Envato item has been used in this short video that takes you through the making of the invitation to the Nike Women’s Race which happened last year in London.

It’s an incredibly beautiful montage taking you through Nike’s brief, How Exposure (the agency behind this project) came up with the concept, and the truly stunning final result.

Leon_Felekyan‘s beautiful AudioJungle track, “Positive Commercial Strings” plays beneath this video, and it’s just the perfect fit.

American Express Australia


And finally today, American Express has used an Envato item.

Here in Australia, there was period where this item was appearing before every second video on YouTube. So finding out the music was from Envato gave me a reason to stop skipping it.

MusicBoxStudiosAudioJungle track “Corporate Success” underscores AmEx’s famous style of animation, in an ad that not only ran online, but also on television here in Australia.

I hope you got some points for that MusicBoxStudios :wink:

And that’s this week’s Envato Famous Five!

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great achievement… so pleased to a part of Envato community cheer up guys! :smiley:

This is great! Congratulations guys!:+1:

Is it time to start a support group for authors who have had their items used by these presidential candidates? Could be worse I suppose, I doubt the Trump campaign would pay if they used an item.