Envato Famous Five 16 - NASA 360, a-ha, NRJ Music Awards, BeBox Music and Telekom Romania

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Welcome to the Envato Famous Five - 5 Envato items that have popped up in famous places.

NASA 360 - Going Interstellar

Using: ‘Cinematic’ by WildKittyTunes
This video by NASA 360 has over 1 million views on YouTube and over 600 thousand on Facebook.

The video talks about new propulsion technologies that could theoretically take us to cosmic destinations like Mars in just 3 days. A conversation with lofty goals that needs a powerful AudioJungle track behind it, which is exactly what WildKittyTunes’ ‘Cinematic’ provides.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert - Featuring A-HA feat KYGO - “Take On Me”

Using: ‘Neon Snake Lights 3’ by Gesh-tv
Whenever I think of the 80s, this song comes to mind.

The legendary band A-HA recently performed their hit song “Take Me On” at Nobel Peace Prize Concert, and they did it in front of an Envato item. Performed with Norwegian DJ, Kygo, it’s a fresh spin on the 80s classic. And it’s performed in front of Gesh-tv’s VideoHive item, ‘Neon Snake Lights 3’, which plays on the screens behind. Over 1 million views on the YouTube video of this one. Probably more when you count the TV broadcast of this. Well done.

NRJ Music Awards on TF1

Using: ‘VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator’ by Cream_Motion
France television channel TF1 has used a VideoHive item in this campaign for the NRJ Music Awards.

The channel liaised with author Cream_Motion, as to how best use their item, ‘VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator’, to bring to life still images of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Lady Gaga and more, and boy did they do a good job. A great way to show off this product.

BeBox Music UK is using our GoodLife theme:

Using: 'GoodLife Responsive Magazine Theme' by FuelThemes


Popular music website BeBox Music is using FuelThemes’ “GoodLife Responsive Magazine theme” from ThemeForest.

It’s a really popular website, with nearly a million fans on Facebook, so it’s cool to see it using a ThemeForest template. And they use it really well, emphasizing ‘GoodLife’’s simple but effective design.

Telekom Romania (Christmas ads)

Using: ‘Christmas’ by papneo
And Telekom Romania is getting into the Christmas spirit with this item from AudioJungle.

These three ads featuring a troublemaking panda and a frustrated human man, use papneo’s AJ track ‘Christmas’, adding some comforting festive spirit to what is really, quite a strange ad.

And that’s the Envato Famous Five for this week!

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread



Awesome! Thanks for choosing my track in Famous Five :smile_cat:
A couple days ago i got "Music broadcast and Film “license” for this track and now “famous five”. I’m Happy Happy Happy
P/S Congratulations @papneo @fuelthemes @Gesh_tv @Cream-Motion


:star2: Awesome! :sparkles: Many Congratulations to @WildKittyTunes @Gesh_tv @Cream-Motion @fuelthemes @papneo :wink:


Yeah this is cool !:tada:
Congratulations to @WildKittyTunes @Gesh_tv @fuelthemes
And special congrats to @papneo I have chosen for the VoluMax video preview Soundtrack, I love his work and everybody searching for a nice music should take a look to his portfolio.


Thats amazing, Congratulations to Envato and all the authors :slight_smile: :tada:


Thanks Envato for the video presentation “Famous Five” - very convenient and fun to watch and listen Dom Hennequin:) And congrats all authors! :slight_smile:


Congrats guys !!!
@WildKittyTunes @Gesh_tv @Cream-Motion @fuelthemes @papneo :wink:
Cool works !!!