What the quality standards are?

hi, this is my third project, which has been refused because it does not meet the quality standards of enavto. please, can you tell me what the standards are? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f8RiPBSLC86RFe8R6FABJ4-gspBON8T9/view?usp=sharing

The quality standards are the ones you see in the latest approved items.

Be honest to yourself and ask yourself: Is your work really as good as the items that were approved the last few days?

Your work is lacking in the general design and layout.

are you referring purely to the revelation of the logo?
Because, honestly, I find the character design quite innovative.
the 3D work was meticulous with houdini-like programs.
all this makes it innovative

I’m sorry for the rejections, and yes technologically it’s no doubt looking complex and it must have required hard work to execute the robot, and then the smoke bursts.

BUT stylistically it’s really really not up to the standards. The colors are ugly and don’t match with each other, the robots moving, almost fractal-ish texture is trully creative but also you ask yourself why?
Just make the robot look like a normal robot with a nice metal/plastic texture and it would be so much better. I could then see some robotics company purchasing this to use as their logo reveal, IF the logo animations itself were current without that weird “growing mask” reveal, or those outdated electric effects on top, which make this project look all over the place and “not beautiful to look at” stylistically and that’s why it’s rejected. A more minimal approach with just a 2D logo rotating in or something could look sooo much cleaner, better and more versatile, use wise.

Also, I’m not sure which render engine you used for this, but it doesn’t look super good either. Using Redshift or Octane could yield easy, fast and amazing results :wink:

I sent you a PM with a similar videohive project, if your project was more like it, even if with a simpler robot movement, I think It could get approved.

Anyways best of luck on improving the style of the projects :smiley:

thank you for your explanation. can you give me some advice on this other project rejected?
Do you think it’s for the same reason?

so do you think that even if the project is very nice, using an obsolete plug-in, they will continue to reject it?

Ou. It was yours robot.
Now I am even more surprised why you are not reading what other authors write to you. You already asked about the watermark in the previous thread. I answered you. And now you are asking again.

The previous robot was more attractive, but in the new project you made all the same mistakes that I wrote about. If you continue to make the same mistakes, your projects will be rejected again and again. What is the point of asking about mistakes and not following advice? I sincerely do not understand :man_shrugging:

because, being new here, I loaded several projects at the same time. therefore, not being a mother tongue, I try to ask as many explanations as possible and have more detailed answers

what’s that?

Guys don’t worry about this clown. He stole my project and even the sound effects, jesus.

And STILL complaining on forums about quality standards. I mean people steal all the time unfortunately, but then to complain about it? wtf

Houdini is a 3D computer graphics program

Okay this is the second time now this user has been found stealing other peoples Assets:

@jamesgiroux Maybe it’s time for some consequences?

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I’m sorry, honestly. the effects part is from a collaborator of mine who is making mistakes. forgive me, I will solve the problem.

If you want to sell here, why don’t you drop that robot and start from scratch a new project completely made by yourself. And please check every asset you will use to know for sure that is NOT from other author, because you’re playing with fire if you keep doing this.

idk if this is a stupid question but its related to starting out and i was wondering if people could give me so constructive criticism regarding my website and maybe quality as i want to sell it via themeforest @trendiiin

I don’t really believe the collaborator story. Second project he found stealing and now suddenly there is another person to blame?

Fortunately this guy lacks the skills big time to be accepted here anytime soon. But if he gets accepted you better check the items if they contain any stolen materials.

Thank god the ID checks are coming soon.

you are completely right. I am learning at my own expense which means working with other people. sorry again everyone, it was not my intention to violate copyright or anything else. also because it is something that goes against me.

no, believe me … it would be stupid to continue with such big mistakes. Anyway my portions would be rejected … I wasn’t aware of the effect already existing.

We know what Houdini is, we’re wondering what a ‘Houdini-like’ program is.

I translated wrong … I meant: “programs like houdini”

Yeah, I get that. Both translations work. You said it was made in programs ‘Houdini-like’ or ‘like houdini’… which would be the correct choice of words if it was created in something that is similar to Houdini, but isn’t Houdini. The question is, if it wasn’t created in Houdini… what program was used to create it?

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