Why can't I pass the quality standards

Hello to everyone
First of all, I managed to publish my first project :slight_smile:

Right here
[link removed]

But then I got a hard reject in every project I sent

My Projects

what is the reason of this? Where am I doing wrong?
Very happy if you help. Thank you very much in advance

Hi. I like the first gold item. But the other 3 items have low overall quality and animation in my opinion.

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Thank you very much for your valuable comment :slight_smile:
well why do you think the first one rejected
and what can be done to improve the quality of others

I think the first one was rejected because there are already many other projects with fabric reveal.
About the other 3, the neon one has low quality on the neon effect if you take into consideration other neon projects on Videohive. The samurai one, I guess it has low usability because it has too specific reduced target, and the “samurai” model is not well integrated with the reveal of the logo. And about the glasses project, there´s almost no reveal of logo, just the glasses falling and suddenly the logo appears, it needs more work on design and animation, besides first you see the logo and then the glasses, so there´s no progressive reveal as I guess it should be.
Just my opinions, I hope this helps.
Good Luck!

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Thank you again for your helpful comments :slight_smile:

You´re welcome :+1:

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