Reviewers NOT Unified Criteria and NOT Clear "High Standard" for everybody

Hello everyone!
I really believe that the way reviewers take projects into consideration is going to a not clear and confused horizon for authors. I uploaded this project and It was rejected . It has a lot of work around lighting, textures, camera and depth of field, etc. But now I received that "it isn’t at the quality standard " and the robotic bla bla bla that is never specific about anything.

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I think both look visually good enough to be accepted here. The first one can be looked at as something we have already seen enough of as it is really just an extruded logo with textures, something which is rather easy to do with elements (not saying that it doesn’t look good), but the second one really let’s me wonder why it got rejected.

You can open a support ticket and ask for a more detailed feedback for the second one.

edit: taking a look at the second one again, I don’t really like the camera moves. You are showcasing this machine/arena/whatever it is very often from only slightly different angles without anything happening and this looks very repetitive. It fits the sound but it has no further purpose. Try to work more on that.

Thanks for your opinion. The first one is an extruded logo as you said, but I couldn´t find a 3d logo exactly like this on videohive, but many extruded logos were recently approved and they´re element 3d too, that´s what I don´t understand very well. I think my logo could have sales, but what can I say. It has textures but not only that, has camera work, real 3d crystal particles, lights, nice look.
The second one is maybe as you commented, nothing happens, that´s why I used fast and opened camera moves, to make it dynamic before final logo reveal. Anyway maybe needs more work, I don´t know.
My point also is the quality of recently approved projects. My logos are not different than those, but mine were rejected with no further chance.
Thanks again for reading, taking time to see my works and for your opinion about them.

I agree with you. We can make suggestions what you can add, to change in your project and so on, but both of your templates deserve to be approved. There are many templates on Videohive of the same quality as yours and sometimes (not often) there are uninteresting or even so simple and poor templates that I cannot understand why they were approved. And it’s so frustrating to see such templates after your hard work and rejection.
It seems like random choice of a reviewer sometimes :slight_smile:
The only solution for me is to upload rejected items to the other marketplaces and these works will bring money to other companies than Envato…

Thank you for your opinion :+1::slightly_smiling_face: