What's wrong with this item?

This is my item submitted recently and received hard reject. Motion graphics section see that like after effects project and ask to submit to ae project section. Ae project section rejects with no reason.
Your opinions guys.

Thank you

I like the 3D (a little repetitive giving a second look), maybe the text loses attention because of the 3D all over the screen. What I really think is not very well is the reveal of the final logo and text. Maybe other authors can share more opinions.
Keep working and don´t give up! :+1:

Overall titles animation is very bad, more basic glitch effect would work better here.
And yes, that reveal at 0:18 is blending letters and logo too much so that you struggling to see them

Thats one awesome work, wow.
It is hard rejected for some reason,
To my opinion the logo reveal is not at all in sync with the template , try revealing the logo with the shatter effect.
And camera angles and placement needs more work.
There is only one sphere there put some other behind it or put a galaxy kind of image behind it. But Still its an awesome work though…U have a creative eye.

I actually build it for motion grapchis section and didn’t gave special attention to logo reveal and titles. I made them for free. Like additional option to footage. But still cann’t understand what’s reviewers CG VFX minimal requirements. This situation really nonsense.
Anyway. Receiving positive comments is much more better than reviewers opinion
Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you.
But it is just footage made for motion graphics section. Titles and logo placeholders are free and buyer could ignore them.

Footage made for motion graphics section. Titles and logo placeholders are free and buyer could ignore them.

I understand your point, but you have to take into consideration that if you uploaded it as After Effects Project File, reviewer will evaluate every editable element inside the project, and text and logo reveal are two of them that can cause a rejection.

You are right. But what about motion grapichs section ? It should be with Alpha background ?

Alpha background could be a plus, but not necessarily

then there is no objective rating of items. everything depends on reviewers mood

I don´t know if depends on “reviewers mood”. Depends on reviewers criteria to reject or approve an item, that´s all I can say.

what are criterias? do you know them? have you heard o read anywhere these “criterias”?

No, I haven´t heard or read a “reviewer criteria guide” or anything like that :smile:
But, in my humble opinion, the main goals when you create a project are technical and visual quality, usefulness for customers, originality, projects don´t have to be too difficult to edit and must be well explained in a help file for customers that you upload with the project.

Good. i also didn’t read about “criteria” anywhere :wink:

First and main criteria is usability for customers

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If I were to make a fair guess, I would have to say the primary reason for rejection is that the audio watermark is far too low for anyone to even consider it as copyrighted. Can easily be included in the project without purchase because nobody would ever really notice the very faint “audio jungle” speech. Other than that, Only the person who rejected it could truly know the real reason.

Videohive items don’t get rejected for Audiojungle watermarks being too low, as that has nothing to do with the item. The audiojungle author decided to use the watermark in that way.

Videohive items get rejected for visual reasons.

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So you think not following the upload and file preparation rules are limited to just “some” of the rules and not all of them. Okay, I’ll keep my two cents to myself then. Sorry for trying to help.

Any submissions that are two seconds or longer must have the AudioJungle watermark added to the preview by the author. Make sure the watermark is loud enough to be audible…

You can use music without watermarks also :wink:

But in this particular case watermark isn’t a reason for reject.

It is just misunderstanding of categories demand and specifically poor execution of titles design/animation