My file was rejected. Roast me.

To me it doesn’t feel cheap and low quality compared to a lot of other indents.
I have also looked through a lot of the forum and can why 99% of the projects get rejected. But, I can’t see a reason why this one gets rejected. Maybe it’s because I worked on it. that’s why I need you. An objective outside observer. My emotions are tied, severe them.

I would really appreciate some pointers! Be rude and harsh, I want to improve my assets and get them up and running. Don’t hold back, I really want to dig deep as to why it got rejected.

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I’m just as baffled with this rejection as you are :smiley: I mean it looks good. The only things, maybe the glitch is too simple? Seems to be just sort of glitch blocks revealing the logo, like there’s no crazy all over the place glitch. But I like this more “tamed” approach. Also there’s no camera movement, not even a zoom in. Might be a tiny minus to your projects complexity… but still not sure if those are the main reasons why it got rejected…

On the same note, I’m not quite liking the weird text reveal animation, seems to be too “mushed together” and not defined or “tight” as they say :smiley: Maybe just using turbulent displace or again some glitch effects to reveal it would make this animation better? Or if it just simply slides up from the bottom to the top :thinking::smiley:

Maybe it’s also cause the glitch category is already too saturated? And your item being a “calmer glitch reveal” just was not too crazy/new to get approved? I really don’t know and all these comments are based on what I would do differently if it was my template. Would my template with these different things get approved? Who knows :man_shrugging:

Either way you did a good job!

Thank for the reply Atomation!

Yes, I wanted a more calm approach to the glitch and not a all over the place crazy one.

I wwoud agree with you on the text reveal, maybe it’s a butched job on my part :sweat_smile:
It would be really appreciated if they gave a reason for more “high quality items” to why they got rejected.

Thanks again! Really apreciated you made my morning, have a good one :wave:

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Not many things wrong execution wise. I think the tagline reveal can be a bit earlier and quicker, would fit the flow better.

It got probably rejected because I can buy a very similar animation on the marketplace already. Your project does not bring anything new to the table and if it doesn’t bring anything new the quality has to be outstanding and this is not the case here.

My best advice is to offer more variations, longer versions, and work a bit on the flow of the tagline reveal.


Hey Creattive, I believe you are right. There is a lot of glitch logo indents. But I see so much indents that are new and “below” average that still gets approved.

Thanks for your time and reply, it really is appreciated. With the feedback I got, the next product will have more chances of being successful. Cheers & have a great day :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Man, it looks good to me. I would think that would get approved.
Maybe be something with the AE project file? Like ease of use or how the folders and comps are organized? :man_shrugging:

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No. If the problem were technical, the author would receive Soft Reject


No, I don’t believe that’s it. In the project all the folders are made crystal clear and I have included a video tutorial on how to use the template. There is also a “control” layer linked with multiples effect (for instace color control) which makes it super easy to customize. All layers are clearly names and color coded for importance too. I really made sure this was an EZ PZ thing for clients.

Thanks for your reply, I think the next upload I will give even clearer instructions!


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