Hard Rejected. Feedback please :)

I uploaded 2 projects this week.One of them was accepted.But this project was hard rejected. Why? I will be glad if you make comment. Thanks :slight_smile: My project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cgg2JCbGwM

What was the comment from the reviewer?

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Unfortunately, this project does not offer much new, nor provide an outstanding visual quality that would over-perform those projects we already have

Your project is very similar to existing projects on the market

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I think this is right. I´ve seen already tons of glitch effects here, there are many logos like yours, but your work, in my opinion, doesn´t show anything new if you check most of the existing designs like this on Videohive

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Honestly, this animation seems VERY similar to your previously approved glitch logo animations :smiley: So yeah it got rejected, unfortunately. Make it a bit more different and unique the next time.

For some story time I once got rejected a tropical, cartoon style, leafs moving away and revealing a logo template just cause the way the logo animated in looked similar to my other grunge templates. So yeah… Grunge effects and leafs swinging an moving, seems different enough, but nope :smiley:

So I guess consider yourself lucky you even managed to get all of those glitch logo animations approved. Cause it’s pretty much the same concept, with kind of different versions of glitching effects and styles.

Although on the other hand I’m seeing lots of flat style titles in squares, scaling in and out being approved for some authors… And it just baffles me… Cause literally there’s so many of them, all looking absolutely the same, with the differences being in fonts and timing mostly. Yet they’re approved :smiley: Magic


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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why do every glitch logo reveal has to use Behance logo nowadays? lol

Don’t copy other author work, Try to Create Something new

because one author added the Behance logo in his glitch logo reveal & it was a bestseller so it has more visibility on the front page.

i’m very interested how envato bots detect it’s similar with other projects…often people receive hard reject…it’s inequal

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Envato doesn’t have bots and when you literally have been reviewing most authors works for years I’m pretty sure you have a good eye for seeing what’s the same stuff and what’s new.

I personally like your work. I would buy it.

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