HArd Reject , any suggestions ?



Hey, friends !

Made 2 projects, but one of them was rejected, maybe you have any suggestions for it ?
I suppose the reason could be that it’s quite simple, but maybe I’m wrong.

here it is :



Hi @RomaVFX
Hm… strange… Good work! I like it!


Lasts forever, not dynamic, only plain one slide animation which is repeated 10-20 times and has bad photos and typo is bad, small and insignificant, color too. Hopefully that helped and didn’t raise any bad feelings :slight_smile:


tnx, it will help to improve future works.)


One thing I noticed is that you used watermarked photos from Shutterstock in your preview video, that’s strictly prohibited. You can’t use watermarked assets from sites other than Envato.


you think it could be the reason of hard reject ? i supposed rewires make soft reject with asking for reload photos in such situations.


If that was the only issue, yes the reviewer probably would’ve soft rejected the item and asked you to fix whatever was wrong. I think one of the major flaws in the template is that it’s quite repetitive; for example, the transitions between the scenes/photos are identical as far as I can see. Also the text animations are quite too simple and lack originality in my opinion, try to spend some more time on them and come up with something different from what has already been done so many times. Good luck!


tnx , bro !


you after effects is good but I think that as say @OsamaSayegh you photo from shutterstock but it not can use shutterstock because license not free and you can use images free like https://www.pexels.com/ have license free :slight_smile:

Regards luck


tnx a lot for the link,friend !


Overall design looks dirty. Those dots on the snow looks like dirt


snow is very good and nice because it’s good idea animation. I think that problem images copyright licenses. :slight_smile: