Hard Reject, I'm looking for Feedback

Normally I wouldn’t want to open a topic about this situation but I really wonder why. I sent only the title version without the footage at the beginning, I received the reject that it did not comply with the quality standards, then I made this version, but I got the reject with the same ready answer. I wonder your feedbacks? what exactly is the problem? is this a project that will get hard reject?

I want a logical and concrete answer as to why my project was rejected so that I can focus on my next project.

thank you

Didn’t look impressive to me. Music is fast, but text and images are slow. I see an adaptation problem.

The project has almost no design work. It lacks of animation, too slow and low quality transitions (or no transitions at all) and just a few noise effects. And definitely the font you used is not the right choice. Try to watch works from other authors with this style so you can see what is needed to be approved, this is the best you can do to see the difference between your works and others already approved.
Good Luck!