❌ HARD REJECT. Looking for feedback

Please write your opinion, why this my project got Hard Reject. It is very interesting to me.

“1920x1080 VERSION” title is very short. Can it be the reason?

Thanks :pray:

Hey, sorry for the rejection, those always suck :smiley:

Here’s some thoughts on why I would reject this project:

  1. Lack of different scenes, graphics, transitions, and text animations & text compositions. Its literally one title repeated many times with a logo at the end.

  2. The graphics are barely visible, there’s no interconnection with the footage, no cool transitions, or other effects. It’s too simple.

  3. In the preview, the long words are unreadable, cause they come in and out so quickly. I would make them stay longer, or would re-work the design on these to only show max 1-2 words at a time.

  4. I would say the music cuts off too “awkwardly” and abruptly at the end. Maybe make the project a bit longer to allow the music to end/change more naturally. Or you find a track that better suits the length of your project.

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Nothing new and lack for complicated techniques.