My item got rejected again! ROAST ME HARDER

So, They have not specified why my item got rejected, which is pretty annoying! I tried to include everything you guys helped me with my latest rejection. Even made a single layer that controls the whole animation! I made it even easier for customers to plug n play. It couldn’t even be simpler. I looked at the market and saw an opportunity for this style!

Oh and also, THE WHOLE animation is based on a single fractal layer, which can be changed to match the style you need.

Please send your best roast, I won’t stop uploading! One day I will get through

Hi. If you’re going to make a glitch effect, it should have more complexity about details, motion, distortion. Because there are already many glitch logos with better effect design in my opinion. The font is not a good choice I think. Maybe the whole project needs a final visual punch that would give to your work more intensity.


Hey, the design/animation felt a bit too simple and too slow at the beginning, and I think those were the reasons why it got rejected.

Good luck! You’ll definitely get there with more attempts :wink: It also took me like year or two before I more or less understood and could tell which projects of mine could get approved and which stand no chance :smiley:

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