New Experiments Beginning for AudioJungle and CodeCanyon Item Pages

At Envato we’re constantly refining our platforms to create the best experience possible for both customers and authors.

We’re going to be running a test within the CodeCanyon and AudioJungle marketplaces in which we’re placing the item rating underneath the item title. Clicking on the star rating will display the reviews.

Please note that this will be in addition to what already exists, not a replacement. This means that the reviews tab will still function how it currently does, and the star rating on the right hand side will still be present.

We want to see the impact of having the star ratings in a more prominent position, as well as having the reviews appear on the same page as opposed to the user going to a new page.

As with any experiment we run at Envato, we only move forward if it shows a positive outcome (in this case: more traffic and more sales for authors). You’ll start noticing this change over the coming days.

We’ll be around to answer your questions in batches over the next seven working days. Please remember our Community Guidelines as you post.


Buyers just don’t put ratings on AJ this time. I’ve got 2 ratings in 3 years! Anyway what’s the point in rating anything wich is availible in fully functional preview version? Like «I’ve checked the preview, it fits well in my project, so I bought that item, but then I fell in a bad mood and put 2 stars to it». I thinks it’s pretty strange.


Looks good.

Looking forward to seeing some search algorithm improvements too :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but seriously, how is this doing anything to help anybody?

How about you change the search algorithm so that it’s not made up entirely of tracks which sell the most? Leaving certain authors (we all know who) to benefit the most simply because they likely cheat the system. When a recent track sells over 50 times, in 5 days, which has literally NEVER happened in the history of AudioJungle, it seems awfully suspicious. Especially when this author has already been banned in the past for buying his own tracks.

How is this fair to any of the authors who don’t cheat the system because they actually have integrity? We work hard on quality tracks, upload them, and then they vanish into the AJ abyss only to never be discovered again.The only hope for any of the authors who don’t have a top seller is to get their item featured, which seems as likely as winning the lottery.

Top sellers already have the advantage of being on the Top Sellers List, so why do they ALSO have the advantage of being at the very top of the search?

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I hope this will be a necessary and useful function, I would also like to see a more necessary function (2 comments above about search algorithms). Thank you!

That’s a great idea!

Helpful idea but I think design need to improve. I think design same as the current existing one mean box style 2 box will be align horizontally in the same line (as currently showing but with box style) will look better and more meaningful. Thanks

In the ratings modal/popup, there is a pagination at the bottom of the modal, when you click on e.q. the next page number, the window should scroll you to the top again so you can start to read the most recent ratings.

When an item has a lot ratings you read the first page, scroll to the bottom and click to see the next page, after the next page loads, you see the last ratings from this page instead of the newest one on top of the modal.

Hi, @steve_lam !

This is a very nice idea if it will be implemented in the right way, but in the other hand it would be great and very helpful a marketing campaign by Envato which encourages the customers to rate items, because most of our customers are very busy and nearly all the time they forget to rate, no matters if you asked them in your profile page, item page, Read Me or other ways.

My second thought is the next: this is very good for Elit Authors, and for the top Items because they are already rated… but which is the guarantee of being fair with the new high-quality items or with authors who have a high-quality portfolio but have no ratings? Because I think in this way these gone in the search engine, especially the new items (and they already perform low in the view of their sales).

And my last question is: How you can deal with the cheaters if you implement this in addition…
Because I think this encourages the self-purchasers to self-rate. And this is bad for the other authors who play fair and put a lot of work and money in creating a high-quality item & advertise the item to improve here and reach new levels.

Thank you and have a nice week ahead,
Lilla from HoneyLoud


Hi @steve_lam Thank you for this update.

The new item rating display looks good, but like mentioned above here this leads nowhere without improving the simplicity of rating. Why not have a rating pop up review before every ended purchase? A lot of users have already used a placeholder item and are ready to review by then. They could always do it later as well, same way as now.

To echo the other authors above: we don´t need more systems that benefits only monopoly tracks in the search engine and self purchasers. We desperately need experiments that can benefit authors who are prioritising new high quality items. For example experiment with releasing some of the monopoly old top sellers have and implement revenue factor in the search engine.

Hundreds of AJ authors have already signed up “petitions” for changes that would really benefit authors and customers experience. Hopefully you have this on your future agenda, because those suggestions are the most effective tools you can apply to AudioJungle, no doubt whatsoever. You need to dare to go out of your comfort zone and make AudioJungle a place where fresh high quality items priced properly are what gets you to the top. Only then will AJ be a place which grows in the right direction.


+1 for improvements


+1 for the opinion that rating system and reviews aren’t efficient on AudioJungle.

The biggest issue is that on AJ you get what you hear (maybe except KITs). There’s nothing left to rate. That’s why almost all our ratings are 5 stars and they are rare.

How to rate overall value of item? “This music fits in my project = 5 stars” or “This track does not fit in my project = I don’t buy it, I don’t rate it”. Same thing with reviews.

Little idea - maybe rating system could be divided into separated ratings of different factors like sound quality, composition quality, universality, editing flexibility. Yes, I know it would be (too?) complicated.


I agree with @RedOctopus. On AudioJungle, a rating for a track is conveyed by buying it. Purchasing it is the buyer giving their stamp of approval.

The buyer can preview it, download the preview, import it into the video project and know exactly whether it works well. If it does, they buy it. If it doesn’t, they don’t.

What sense would it make to rate something with anything less than five stars if you have every opportunity to know exactly what you are buying before you buy it? There is nothing hidden that can be revealed after the purchase that would be cause to rate something poorly.

I rate tracks that I buy for my video projects only because I’m also an AJ author and know that receiving ratings is helpful for authors.

There was a time when I used to receive ratings on tracks more frequently, but as the years have passed I receive less and less feedback from buyers, even though each download of mine includes a note encouraging them to rate their purchases.

However, I do rate this thread :star::star::star::star::star: for Envato devoting resources to improving the marketplace. :wink:


Looks good, but now it is useless, because almost no one rate items

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Hi all,

Thanks for the discussion so far. I’ve got a few answers for you below!

Thanks for these comments. We know that customers respond to different cues on separate marketplaces in different ways. We want to see if there’s a positive impact to displaying the ratings more prominently.

These are great ideas! Following on from the above, we will pass these suggestions along to the appropriate teams for future consideration on how ratings could be improved within the AudioJungle marketplace.

There are many aspects of the customer journey that can impact how they find the right track. We’re always looking for ways to improve this and, for this experiment, we’re looking at ratings display in particular.

Thanks for picking this up! We’ve let the team know and they’re planning on looking into it soon.


When you’re done working on features that are completely useless for Audiojungle (for the reasons mentioned above), do you plan to eventually work on our real issues, such as the broadcast licenses? You have yet to respond to that thread. The silence from Envato on this is infuriating and alienating the author community.


This seems like something that would work great with CodeCanyon and have no effect with AudioJungle. I’ve never understood the idea of star ratings with audio tracks. The full track is available for inspection before purchase! Why would anyone ever rate an audio track less than 5 stars? If it’s not a 5-star track, the customer will simply not buy it.

Would Envato be able to provide some data on:

  • the number of AudioJungle tracks that have less than a 5 star rating (excluding those with no stars)
  • the number of AudioJungle tracks with any rating at all

I’m genuinely curios about the logic in this decision. I’m sure you guys have a good reason, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. :confused:

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In my understanding, the logic Envato is to do something for the visibility, but not what is needed and what the authors with AJ asked for!
I support this topic, but it is not paramount in my opinion … Moreover, I consider this to be an useless innovation. :confused: It will not bring any benefit in my opinion( just a waste of time).
Why do what we do not need?

Here’s what the authors need AJ!

We ask you more than half a year! Not considered and ignored (only empty promises and words).

18 days! Not considered and ignored (only empty promises and words).

14 days! Not considered and ignored(completely ignored). As usual.

We do not ask many , but consider and take part in these topics (if you have time). Envato, first you need to solve these questions!

These topics are necessary for us!


Hi @steve_lam I hope you and your fellow employees don´t take all the criticism from AJ authors personal. We are grateful that something is happening. If this is a soft start to more serious improvements from now on, it´s all great.

So the question really is: Have you guys planned to follow up more of the issues raised from AJ authors? By that I mean execute solutions. I think authors are really tired of being heard: “we appreciate all your passionate feedback, see you later alligator” and then radio silence.

It´s not a little group of grumpy authors complaining about sales, just to make that clear. We have as mentioned hundreds of authors engaging in the search engine that it needs urgent attention and change. And the most important part? The changes in mentioned earlier in this thread will make Envato earn more money, raise the quality, and game up AJ as a fresh attractive platform for customer growth.

Right now, not to be to harsh, but honestly AJ have some outdated rigid systems that simply does not cut it anymore (for music tracks). Authors have come up with some pretty interesting solutions for many of these challenges and they need to be prioritised.

It feels really unnecessary that we authors have to keep on going like broken records about this, but then again who knows the search engine and systems in general better than authors themselves who test run it everyday? Just asking.

Thank you in advance for pushing this forward and taking us and most importantly the marketplace seriously. It´s all for the greater good and quality of AudioJungle.


Good idea in my opinion, we need to encourage users to rate our products more often. Also would be OK in Google search to show the yellow stars ( rich snippet ).

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oh buddy that’s true.