Audiojungle reviewers start rejecting our music tracks.


Now I know why many people face rejection these days, because reviewers don’t want to accept more music tracks on AJ, this is because of Elements. They only select certain tracks to be accepted on AJ. Now don’t say that your music composition is not good enough to be accepted here, I am working on AJ since 4 years and about 90 percent of my work is accepted and 10% is rejected but now they rejected my every track. LOL :laughing::sweat_smile: Are you kidding me, It took a lot of time to make a music track. Believe me your elements not gonna make you successful because Idea matters. There is already 100 of music subscription available out there you are just copying there business style. Bye now

Sorry for your rejections it is always painful. Just upload your tracks here and we see what we can do for you to help you with fresh advices


Maybe Envato could create a chart that shows the number of submissions, approvals, and rejections (perhaps in weekly buckets, over the last 90-180 days along with the average over that time period) to either prove or disprove your theory. Should be relatively easy

What say ye, Envato?