2018 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Hi @Collis! While you are here (I have never communicated with you before, even here, and of course I am very pleased to ask you a question :slight_smile: ) The question is: What do you plan to do with the Envato Markets in the coming years (a couple of years)? Translate all markets fully into subscriptions (Elements) (as you could understand that $ 16.5 for a subscription to AudioElements (for all the tracks that are there) is much lower than the cost of a 1 any track on the Envato market (Audiojungle)? Or is it just done to attract customers and kill external competitors, because many other AudioStocks went on subscriptions and you act depending on other AudioStocks? Thank you!

Add: When Envato (AudioJungle) get on their feet and how soon? December 2018 is terrible extremely in sales after you have created AudioElements(if you read in “AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2” AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2 ) and not only for me, but also for some authors with AJ!

Thanks again! Would like to hear a clear (not blurred) answer! :blush:


As a newcomer to the entire stock music scene, but as a long time producer and someone interested in macroeconomics, I do understand both sides of the coin here. The macrotrends of business are changing faster than ever and it really is a case of adapt or die. But at the same time, if the price of an underlying product gets too low, the supply will start to dry up, and for a lot of music producers it is getting a bit low. I hope with elements you adjust accordingly to keep both supply and demand sides happy, and keep us all in the loop. But besides that I have to say thank you very much for the service you provide! :slight_smile:

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Hello @collis ! Thank you for personally presenting the statistics and results of the year. Information impressive! I would like to wish you and the whole team Envato even greater success in the new year! :slight_smile:



I love what you are doing here with Envato and your revenue contribution is structured in the same way as DT -that’s us-.

I would love to help you step in an undervalued market here in the middle east and the Arab speaking community, the market needs a platform to organize the RTL “right-to-left” offerings in the design space.

feel free to reach out, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for sharing this, Collis! It’s great to see all the achievements and the growth! I wish you good luck and more achieved goals the next year and I’m happy to be part of it as an author, may be someday I can also participate in your company’s success!:grinning::weight_lifting_man::muscle:

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P.S. It was not decided! And there are no comments from employees Envato, on work with authors.

I do not know whether it makes sense to write and then they will delete it again! I hope for common sense moderators!:wink:

Thanks @collis for sharing this informations with us :slight_smile:


Very good - that’s why I like elements :slight_smile: Elements brings me money :slight_smile:

Go and try to be contributor on elements, don’t fight it :slight_smile:

Upton Sinclair has a message for you (I mean, including but not limited to you):

It is difficult to get a man to understand something,
when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair


“it is not difficult to earn money when you do your job all week long with passion and not looking back”



you have choice - you can cry about elements commercials, or you can fight for your payouts.

:slight_smile: simple

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@collis will you help author about HTML to CMS categories?

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Thanks for the great presentation.
Together we succeed. :wink:

Thanks Envato team for these beautiful projects.
It has been a long time since Flashden days and everything keeps growing at a good pace. Next year more amazing projects, bigger numbers and more prosperity. :chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart::white_check_mark:

Thanks for sharing @Collis
And Merry Christmas for all!
:star: :christmas_tree: :tada: :orange_heart:

Thanks for presentation and wish all of us great success and more achievement in the next year :wink:

Hi Collis, Its great to see on forums again. Reading the articles :slightly_smiling_face:

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Four or five days, probably means I won’t get a reply at all at this point, as my summary didn’t get to me until today, and this is the first I’ve heard of the Impact statement…

I agree that once we see the ad banner on top that we don’t need to see it anymore. An extra click every time I dismiss the banner becomes tedious.

I don’t dispute the need to advertise per se. Just this variation.

Great to know that you guys run a charitable foundation. Thumbs up :smiley:

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Hi @collis

Great to see you back in forums. I didn’t see any word about Themeforest the generator of Envato and Authors earnings. Do you have any plan in future? Will be good if Envato creates an extra category like Web Apps (React, Angular, Vue web apps). it should look like HTML, WordPress, Marketing category. Now One Page Web Apps are on trend and very popular. It will be good and it can increase customers on Themeforest.

@Collis answer will be? Or did I just I wrote to myself (and led a monologue with myself)?
Best regards to you!

I wrote to you earlier than 4-5 days after the topic published by you! The new year has arrived! And more 12 days have passed, but there is no answer! :neutral_face::smirk: