How to get more stars on sales

Hello everyone.

I had 371 sales on audiojungle, but only 4 rating.
Dose anyone know what should I do for more ratings?
Maybe i should have a “read me” file in my package,and ask for it.

Thanks for helping me…

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Some dodgy authors get their “friends” to rate and comment on their tracks leading to trending items. This marketplace reveals such shady practice as ratings on items are very rare so a track (sometimes very new items) receiving a number of comments and ratings draws attention.
Ratings are meaningless IMHO, it is number of sales that is more important although shady authors self purchase their own items when they are cheap.

This is very apparent with Christmas tracks. Something to look forward to.
You know who you are…so do we.


I think if Envato has a plan to encourage buyers to rate, it can help good quality music. Also sometimes buyers may give low stars، but overall it can be constructive.

I wish Envato would do away with the star rating system on Audio Jungle. I can see the value in it for more complicated products, like web templates, but with audio, what you hear really is what you get. You can download and try out the watermarked preview in your project before you commit to buying, so why would you ever need to rely on someone else’s opinion of the track?


Absolutely right ! The rating system is completely useless for music and Envato should have removed it long ago.

The only important thing is revenue.


Stars are related to revenue.

In my AJ experience buyers very rarely provide ratings, in my experience - others may have more but then again some authors may have got others to rate items like they have collected comments to get items to trend. In any case, ratings are no indication of quality - sales figures and most importantly revenue generated by an item is the key factor- IMHO.

It could be another mechanism to use as a way that authors game the system. Just look at the way in which new Christmas Tracks in 2021 were used in this way which goes against the behaviours of new items in this marketplace. I know this happened, cannot proove it but I was watching carefully, still am.

How can we now trust the statistics posted on author profiles? What is the truth? What is truth…I digress.


Deep, man, deep…

That’s the problem, and why some authors go out of their way to cheat as @gballx mentioned. Just to say though, authors caught cheating in this manner can have their accounts suspended or removed entirely.

Since you can only rate a product after you’ve made a purchase, and since the customer will have spent time choosing the perfect track to purchase for their project, they should have no reason to rate it anything other than 5 stars, so what’s the point? I suppose it could be like a seal of approval, and if that’s the case, AJ should be using this instead of star ratings…