Audio Jungle Idea to Increase Sales !!

So, it seems that putting your item “on sale” these days is a cool trend I guess and more and more authors are doing it. What if Envato would give Audio Jungle author’s the ability to send “notices / emails” to Envato customers that have “SAVED” that particular item we want to put on sale for 3 days , etc.

The email could say something like: "For 3 Days Only , Your Saved Item entitled: “Elevate The World” is now 50% OFF for the next 3 Days Only!

I think customers would jump at the opportunity to buy at a discount if they only had a way of “knowing” when their saved item they liked was on sale.

Just an IDEA! Please tell me what you think and if you think it would work. Any suggestions on how to improve this IDEA is also welcomed!

Wes Oliver
Audio Jungle Author


Great Idea! Well done!

Sales, units sold, sales, sales, sales, how many sales? did you sell 1 today? Did you sell 5 today? How many did you sell? How can we sell more?

You see what I am getting at folks? All this focus on units sold. Sales numbers. number of tracks sold.

Please stop letting that form of measuremnt distort your mind and thinking. “Sales” is not your friend.

REVENUE is your friend. Every strategy you think of or want to try should be done with the inent to increase your monthly revenue. I still find it amazing how so many of us have written many times in this forum how higher, not lower, prices have increased the only stat that has any meaning in any business: REVENUE.

I could in one key command drop my standard prices down to $5, all 243 tracks, and I may very well sell 100 or 200 units in a single week. I may even get lucky and hit popular files for 1 track…But remember this: I’d probably only earn $160…even if I sold 200 units.

“Sales” “ON Sale” , “Let’s have a Sale” “75% Off!” 'Free"…sorry my friends, none of that will help you make more money.

If anyone disagrees or is having a different experience, I will listen. Please share your “sales” experience here.

People have mentioned to me that they try steep discounts to jump start a new release to say 3 or 6 sales, but then adjust the price up. I suppose that may make sense.

“Big sales” and “$5 prices” will not pay your bills ultimately and it only serves to set a terrible precedent and expectation for customers.

For what it’s worth, I sold 5 tracks today for $150 a unit somewhere else. That sure sends a signal to me that there are professional customers out there ready to spend some meaningful money on production music. Envato has not, and will not listen to our request to stop the $5 madness. In fact, they have a long history of supporting the lowest prices on the market. You, as an author, have the opportunity to price your works. It is up to each and everyone of us to do what we all know is right, because we will not get any help from the controlling authority. Fortunately, we can help ourselves. You have a choice, what choice will you make? Will you chose integrity? Or will you chose race to the bottom chaos and all out fire sale?

The buyers that have integrity and care more about their work simply do not get motivated by a lower price, I really believe that. Do you think professional videos editors creating marketing, advertising videos, trailers, films, and TV shows really care about $20 or $70? Will that lower price really tip their decision? Will they buy a weaker sounding track just to save $20 to $40?

I highly doubt it.


Yes, I agree with SteelSound. You need to make a high-quality and creative audio product and not to underestimate the price to attract customers. Although you can do some discounts. Strive to collaborate with professionals who make great video content.

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Have you not noticed ? There are a gazillion tracks out there that have 4 and 5 sales that are as good as the TOP SELLERS or even **BETTER! ** I have to disagree that the problem isn’t author’s production quality it’s about getting “exposure” and getting their tracks in front of customers.


I was thinking just a 25% OFF sale for all my items that were “favorited” or saved to a “collection” etc. Let’s see 75% of something is 100% more than “nothing”!

That’s my logic ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your input though.