What do you think, envato?

Hey guys,

today i sold an old track.It was the first sale of that track and i tought “hm, maybe someone will buy it too, but this track is lost in nowhere and nobody knows, that this track exists” .What do you think about a “live score” on the start page? So we would have new items, featured items, and something like “live sales” . So every guest and buyer can see that audiojungle is movin around the clock and lost tracks have a chance to get heard for a moment (or hours).

Puuuh, i hope you know what i mean. Sorry, my english is… :smile:

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Interesting idea!) :+1:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: I actually made my own “latest sales” collection and added it to my profile page/item pages a few months ago. :nerd: Not sure if anyone actually clicked on it though…


And with this idea is every track from your collection maybe for a while on the start page

thanks for the “latest sale collection” idea. Can i use it? :slight_smile:

No… I wish! :smiley:

Of course you can use the same idea!

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We need more voices for this idea… :slight_smile:

This is a nice idea, but I guess theres so many sales per hour on AJ that the extra visibility would be a few seconds? But maybe a row, like the featured items, where you see the sales flashing by. And if you clicked on it you’ll be sent to a whole site with latest sold items?

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Yes, maybe something like that. :slight_smile:

Great idea! We can see the interest of buyers to a particular genre of music! :slight_smile:

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Thats true! And we see when buyers need christmas tracks :smiley:

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Hmmmm… seems like this thread is going lost :confused:

hi well any attempt to make things more balanced can be considered … but as for me this is not the priority thing … in the flyer category for instance , u type a certain date in the search engine and guess what out of the 30 items being in the first page 18-19 are from the same guy … if there was something really this incredibly over the average about the guy , then i would have probably understood that some standards prevail , but this is far from being what happens … . Indeed if there is nothing shocking for people about this “exclusive exposure”, well , this is not how i feel, i believe that people should be give a bit the same chances … envato should start with providing a bit exposure to all and not all to a few … that would be a great start to make things get better …