Ideas for audiojungle


I’ve noticed that my biggest chance of making a sale on audiojungle is when I have a track approved. Seems to be that in the next few days I might see a sale from the track. I wondered if Envato ever thought about maybe introducing other features sections on the homepage. How about a “last sold track” , or a randomly selected track feature, or even feature track of that hour?

It would give authors a chance who maybe don’t have the profile of the big hitters to raise their profile. what do others think?



Hey Graham,

Great ideas! Unfortunately, these exact two ideas, and many others, have been discussed numerous times over the years and constantly ignored by the powers that be. So it’s not likely that anything will happen in that regard.

Good idea…

Sadly, many great ideas have been thrown around but nothing has ever come from them. But it’s good to throw them around every once in a while. A few other changes I’ve personally called for quite many times are:

  1. change the top tunes of the week / month / year to be based on the rolling 7 days, 30 days and 365 days instead of calendar weeks. This way it doesn’t matter if your tune happens to be published on the last sunday of the year, you’d still be able to get good placing on all of the lists.

  2. create a server side logic for creating music pack easily by just selecting the tunes from your portfolio that are not yet part of a music pack and let the server side generate the preview and basic description links automatically


I also had such ideas. I fully support you!
It will be better to work with than some experiments with search engine…
Still need to raise such issues a large number of participants for that would have noticed this “Envato”. Don’t pass it by. otherwise, we will stagnate in one place.

I like it! :smiley:
When I do a sale, I proceed to send by email the link of the track sold to my potential customers . I think It’s a really nice idea do the same thing from AJ.
In my opinion, a track sold is a desired track…
pure marketing :wink:

The last sold track is cool in theory but I don’t know how it would work.

Even if you just took into account the 54 top selling weekly tracks, based on this weeks sales numbers, each track would only sit in the top spot for around 5 minutes before it was bumped by something else. And that’s if you used ONLY those 54 tracks. There are exponentially more tracks selling than that on any given day, so your “last sold track” would just be a blur of tracks, it would be meaningless.

Featured track of the hour is kinda cool, but you’d have to staff it, making all those picks would be fairly tedious and it would detract from the weekly featured tracks… don’t see it happening :frowning:

In this universe all events happen very quickly! :open_mouth: