Audio Jungle took my idea for music kits and ran with it.

It’s been years since I’ve been active here. I remember some of my best sales where songs broken up into verse1, verse2, hook1, hook2 etc… and I was discouraged from doing so by some of the mods a couple of times. And now, MUSIC KITS!!!

It’s a good name.

how have sales been btw?


Easy to know how sales go, it’s just a click away… menu “Music Kits”, below each track displayed you have the number of sales. :wink:

dont know if it was your idea. i spoke to a different guy who also sells on here couple of years ago and he wanted to do the same lol.

Considering the top seller has 136 units sold after 18 months or so, it’s debatable as to whether or not the product is a success. Do customers really want and need these construction kits? Remember, some tracks sell 136 times a week. It really would not surprise me if some people just liked the track and thought the price was $39. I bet many clicked buy not really knowing they were even buying a kit. They simply thought “$39 is still a good deal for this license.”

I have a better idea for Envato: just raise the price of all tracks including 30’s and 60’s to $39 and watch your revenue go up 50 to 75% in the snap of a finger.


I was only being half serious. :wink: just reminded me of the old days.

It’s not about the invention, it’s about claiming the invention.

hehe. Well then, guilty as charged :wink:

By the way, those are some EXTREMELY well done sound fx you’ve done there.

Thanks! Tell all your clients :wink: