I got 99 sales but a kit aint one!



OK ok, I was kidding. I have sold 100, but couldn’t resist the title. My apologies in advance. :smiley:

My first year on Audiojungle earnt me a whole ONE sale. I’ve since decided to get more serious with it and it’s working out quite well. :slight_smile:

Just goes to show - no matter where you are, keep pushing!

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Congratulation @TheRoyalLine :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congrats mate! :slight_smile: I make the same experience right now and sold last month more than the past whole year…


I did something very similar. It’s great when things move in the right direction. Good luck!


Congratulations @TheRoyalLine ! :clap::tada: With such a great portfolio it’s only matter of short time​:zap:️ :rocket::grinning: when you report another 100 or 300​:clap::grinning::+1: (and more​:boom:)
All the best! :notes:


Well done @TheRoyalLine! I truly love your stuff, very high quality and professional sound. Your music is awesome.


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words @MyMusicID, @SixideBeats, @MusicMode!!


Rock! Now that Envato allows PRO-registered music, I’m getting serious about it as well. Have fumbled around here for the past few years, not really motivated to get stuff going on here because I was making back-end royalties with some other sites (getting some stuff on TV networks and such)- now that AJ has seen the light, time to have some fuuuuuun!!!


Congratulations! Next anniversary will be 1000 sales :grinning:


Hopefully it arrives soon. :slight_smile:


@TheRoyalLine Congratulation :+1:. Wish you big success. We are waiting for our first sale :slight_smile:


Hope it’s sooner rather than later!