1000 Sales !!


In March 2014, I uploaded my first track to Audiojungle. It did not sell immediately. In fact, until today, it has sold exactly one time.

My second track, however, did sell a few that first week…and man, what an awesome feeling that was! And continues to be. Every sale. Every single time. Amazing.

I just wanted to take the opportunity, upon reaching this milestone, to thank both Envato for the opportunity to “peddle my wares” as well as the Audiojungle community for being so supportive (and teaching me so much) along the way. And we can’t overlook the buyers, without whom there would be no milestone.

Here’s to continued success for each and every one of us!



Congratulations! That’s a great achievement! Now go for 2000!


P.S. Wish you more customers and more trendy bestseller items in your portfolio! Cheers! :tada:



btw, it’s a very nice track


Fantastic achievement. Congrats!


Gratz :smile:


congratulations! :clap:




Awsome!!! Good luck with sales!


Congratulations and that was fast!


Congratulations ! :wink:


Great milestone. Congratulations!


Way to go! 1002 now! Won’t be long before you’re back with a “2000 Sales post”!

Congratulations. :smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :gift:


Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratz bro ! :sunglasses:


Thanks to one and all for your kind sentiments :blush:


Congrats InspiringSound! Great milestone, especially after just a year and a half! I doff my cap to you, sir! :sunglasses:


Congratzzzzzzz!! That’s really INSPIRING :smiley: