5 months, 50 sales, 0 ratings

I am very happy with the steadily increasing flow of sales and acceptance of almost all my sound effects.
However, after 50 sales I would have expected at least 1 rating.
Does anybody have any tips or ideas about how to motivate customers to leave a rating?

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Almost every author has such a low number of ratings.

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Story of my life.

I have 9 ratings from 1593 sales. That’s 0.06% of buyers who decided to rate their purchase. Most people just don’t bother.

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“1,593 sales - 9 author ratings”
Wow, thats tough. I guess I’ll have to wait a thousand sales or more for a few ratings, haha.


Yup, even RedOctopus who is elite has a similar percentage; 0.08%.

I think it’s to do with when the buyer is given the option to rate. Most buyers probably don’t even know it’s an option.

You guys are selling music. I am just sound effects. I think people would have more motivation to leave a rating for a music track than a sound effect.
Basically, i will just never expect a rating I guess.

Buyers rarely evaluate, someone’s work.

Luckily the ratings have no real value anyway.

But it’s not like I expect hundreds of five star ratings or anything. It would just be nice if every purchase was rated so I have another source of feedback to evaluate my tracks.

There are deals and special occasion thing Envato do where they offer some products at discount prices and you get some exposure. For those you usually need to have at least 4 stars sadly.

Once I contacted directly with a client, he was very happy with my track and he wanted to buy this from my portfolio. I asked him to rate my track… and I was surprised… he told me that he didn’t know how to do that…
is this possible?

yeah and in most cases this is people who are not happy that come more easily than the others lol

they are numerous not to know … it looks like this is far from intuitive for some buyers , though , is rating indispensible? well this is not so sure … try to think about it , if someome is given a 1 or 2 star does it really make sense when a team of professional is supposed to have reviewed the item and controlled the quality , when, in addition, the buyer is not always a pro, so maybe not really able to evaluate …


yeah… agree … :slight_smile:

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i know this issue, the only bad review i have ever been given was for something that made no sense at all … the guy complained that my preview and the final flyer did not have the same colors , when i am part of the very few guys who use only CMYK, even for the preview and that i checked there was no difference at all … in addition the guy had been complaining about the model of my flyer not to be included , when it was written in capital letters in the description that it was not and that i could have provided a link to the concerned model if he had asked me instead of nailing a bad review in the first place … so basically that review / evaluation had no value at all … and i know a few friends who experienced things like this too … lol it’s like u sell a flyer to a guy and the guy tries to print it with his toaster lol

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