Audiojungle Ratings - Pointless

So a friend of mine was kind enough visit my portfolio to purchase a license for one of my tracks to use for his business and he asked me after purchasing “How do I rate the purchase?” He handed me his laptop and I tried to look for where to do this - I don’t buy much on here myself, so after looking for about 10mins for him, I gave up. - The rating for items is silly and should be removed altogether in my opinion. Pretty frustrating.


+++++++++++++1 ! I second and third that!

My customer also had a problem with that…I was suprised how dificult is rating the product…Envato should add more simple way of rating the products.Or just remove it.

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I have never bought anything on audiojungle, but on photodune the rating prosess is very easy. Is it very different on AJ?

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I would love to know how to do it so I can encourage my buyers effectively. There really isn’t anything that encourages buyers to do it…I usually send a follow up email or communication to buyers - would be great if AJ would do this automatically to make the process easier - like when you rent a hotel - a couple days later you get the “Please Rate Your Experience / Purchase” email. Easy click and everyone wins.


Sounds like a great idea. Easy to do since it’ll just have to be a standard automated email with a link to the rating page.

Subject to rating AJ - very old. There were plenty of suggestions for improvements, the abolition of all rating and more … but unfortunately - the problem remains …

Hi, I actually think that this rating system is far from ideal… but can you please tell me how can you send a follow up email to buyers? I can’t find any info about my client on the invoice except for the country and the city he/she is from… Is there a way to get a contact to client and find out how the music was used? Thank you in advance! All the best! :grinning:

I think tracking down buyers emails and asking them about their projects could be perceived as unprofessional and annoying and is probably the best way to never get a sale from them again…
I agree that the rating is pointless as the buyer can download and try the files in their projects before buying. I’ve gotten some 4 star ratings and never understood why they choose those tracks if they didnt think they where worth 5 stars :thinking:

Haha well I guess reading back on what I said, it’s easy to picture a project stalking, annoying spam emailer situation… - and yes that would be considered unprofessional. Not what I’m advocating at all. IF and only IF they’re a public company with a web address, I just send 1 simple follow up email as people do in the real business world to thank them for their business. No mailing list, no multiple emails…all professional, and I’m not asking for anything. In my experience, it works and the feedback has been positive.

Thanks @Hyperprod and @LaGrande_Music for your replies! You gave me a good advice :grinning: Best Regards!