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Our team have spended 2 years to develop a new theme and the sales VERY low… I’m not sure if this related to the experiment… But I’m really dissapointed… :frowning:

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Most certainly due to the current Discount where a tone of items are available at a big discount. Focus on marketing to bring your theme new traffic and views to increase chances to make it a bestseller! :slight_smile:

Hi themes-coder, we are also same issue. Because previously after uploaded within 1 To 2 hours google search engine displayed new items. But now no ? not displaying. Because dynamic changes ? in google search engine not finding new items easy. Taking to much time 7-10 days above i think. I tested my some templates TF direct names also google not finding. This is very big mistake envato. All developers suffering. I think Envato plan to makes sales equal old and new items. This way Envato success. But lossed authors. I think This means Envato encaraging to other market place ? Not taking serious to authors commentes. Almost reached March month end. But James saying closed experiment middle of March ? What is it ? irresponsible answer. Totally I am also disappointed with Envato experiment.

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The trending system is still broken. I get you need numbers to come to a conclusion on these experiments but I’m going to prematurely guess a trending item with 0 purchases isn’t really trending. :joy:


The experiment to reduce sales may be over. But loaded during experiment items will remain with 0 sales, apparently, forever. Since they were not bought in the first weeks of upload, it will be very difficult to find them with a search engine aimed at finding bestsellers. I would like, of course, to ask for further warning in advance with the words “do not load new tracks this month - it’s pointless.” Thank you!


Hi @trent-aus

I suppose you are still working on sorting out the sort by trending mess on AJ, and maybe there is a deeper problem going on for you guys, I don’t know. Hope you will solve it soon.

But I would like to encourage your team to strongly consider removing the “Trending function” altogether for AJ. The trending function encourages temporarily price dumping, but more worrying it encourages illegal self purchasing and self rating as well, especially now after author driven pricing this is an increasing problem.

And there is little or nothing that is being done and controlled by support when we report this, I have talked to many authors who is just recommending me to give up on reporting these illegal activities to support. Which is quite sad.

Anyways, the trending function is not including top sellers now, which it has done previous weeks. But still the tracks without “blue trending icon” are low performing tracks from 2012-2011 in most categories.

EDIT: Forgot to mention best rated (as mentioned by many) should also be considered removed as a search option. Maybe it makes sense for Sound effects, I don’t know. But certainly not of practical value for music tracks.

This earlier post contains a good explanation from a music track customer why Best Rated is not relevant anymore: New Experiments Beginning for AudioJungle and CodeCanyon Item Pages

Thanks for considering!


I would argue that. As an author with many returning and maintaining customers and also who actually had plenty items rated, and also as an affiliate and (so to speak) promoter of AJ I’d say that rating system and sorting by ratings is an option which adds overall flexibility to the shopping experience, and don’t forget, it was there looong before any AJ author complained about sales or search/category issues.
The key here is not removal of an entire option, but re-building and upgrading rating algorithms/ratings displaying fundamentally.
Also, it’s surely okay not to have “best rated” as well as “best sellers” or “trending” as default, absolutely agree on that. But removing it as an option? No way.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective @Andrew_G

I do think you have a fair point that some hard working authors as yourself have earned up ratings that should count for something. Though maybe this could be traded in better search rankings or something else valuable for the authors/customers, featured music collections etc. Just brainstorming here.

I’m pretty sure the rating system was not designed specifically for AudioJungle/music, if so I find it super weird that I have seen absolutely no other stock sites rating tracks, not even those sites who totally rips off AJ are using ratings.

I agree customers should have flexibility and be offered quick help in finding high quality tracks, but there are so many more simple and effective ways to do this than sorting by trending and rating.

Of course only Envato has somewhat numbers of this, but I would not be surprised if the rating system per 2019 is more author driven than customer driven (and yes I always rate items I buy through Envato). And you really have to dig to find tracks with less than 5 stars, so its practically most rated than best rated at AJ nowadays.

If you got any result please STOP EXPERIMENT !!! Current EXPERIMENT is KILLING many authors sales.


@Marketify April 1 need to wait! Already 10 times wrote about it. :slight_smile: Be patient! There are only 5 days left. I am also waiting like all other authors.


Hope it will end on Fools Day !!!


In my country, too, this holiday is celebrated (April 1 is April Fool’s Day or Laugh Day). Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Fact . James said that the experiment will end by the end of March .
The end of March is still coming .
Waiting for 1 april .
I’m sure the envato team is trying to do everything for the convenience of customers and for a good income for the authors, otherwise no experiments would be conducted.


Hello @jamesgiroux
when this will end? This damaged my sale in this month. very bad situation for new items.
you said it will close “mid to late March” but still nothing happening :cry:

Please stop this within this month.


I hope that envato will be honest in time … We are in late March

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Yes, this totally damaged my whole month! Now it’s been 9 days without a single sale…

April is coming. But Experiment is ongoing since 45 days. How long can we wait for? If you tell us your exact time, we will wait. Please just say the truth. Our new items are without any sales. We spent a lot of time creating them. But now it is very disappointment (((


I can confirm this. March is my best month ever. Ok, I don’t have a new items and probably for new items this experiment is bad move but on other side I am vary happy with sales on my existing/old items (I am selling on ThemeForest). Maybe they will use this “experiment” much longer.

@CocoBasic Yes, but it’s not just about you or a small group of authors who might see some benefit but the community in whole. Scroll through the comments again and see how many authors were affected negatively and what’s the ratio of positive / negative impact. And saying “Maybe they will use this “experiment” much longer.” is utterly selfish and disrespectful.


Also to me has not affected the number of sales. Sales have stopped in my new items, but old items made good sales. But…

Higher conversion is not a reason to hide new items. I think the best “experiment” for Envato & active Authors should be if Envato starts to disable all items older than 2015 which are not updated (include here update in terms of Aesthetic & Design). This will reduce the number of items, and all items will have better exposure to customers.