New Experiments Beginning for AudioJungle and CodeCanyon Item Pages

oh yeah that’s right.

A simple non intrusive way for the customer to rate the track/s right after purchasing would be great too. Uber’s rating system comes to mind, combined with something like @RedOctopus’s idea in a post above - pre-formated icons for production quality, flexibility, etc. Kind of like badges for tracks…

Oh god… Since I joined AJ the ratings have been only one thing - dead. At least for the past 4 years.

And now Envato announces they are running tests to explore the impact of moving the yellow stars around the screen… Excuse me, but LOL.

After reading such announcements I really can’t decide wether Envato is doing anything at all to improve anyone’s experience. If you ask me, tests like this one should be made long time ago and without any announcements - as this is a tiny fraction of what developers should be doing every day. Making announcement like this is silly, I’m sorry.


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