Its 20th June and still no mail no Elements payment

Its 20th June and still no mail no payment no one from Envato tell us what’s happening?

What’s going on guys???


What is your payout method? Bank Transfer?


Please contact elements support. They will assist you. Thanks

I opened a ticket yesterday but they didn’t give an answer.

please keep patience, they will reply as quickly they.

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Hi I have the same problem. They said in the email it was supposed to be paid on monday (yesterday) and still no payment on my side. My payment option is also payoneer.


Merhaba Volkan.
Sabırlı olmak gerek :slight_smile:


Selamlar. İnşallah diyorum bakalım.:slight_smile:

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AHAHAHA you look very funny with your messages about patience, as if Envato is some caring lord who will deign to answer us soon. We all perfectly understand that Envato doesn’t care about the authors and they don’t care that the money hasn’t arrived yet, it’s not their problem, they’ve sent the money and they don’t care when it will arrive. So, if you have nothing to say, it’s better to keep quiet as Envato does.

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Hi all.

Bank Transfers in the monthly Elements author payment process involve sending funds from Envato to our new payment system, and then they are sent out to the different banks. When outbound payments are cleared, you should receive an email with an estimate of when those funds will reach your chosen payout method.

Specifically for Payoneer, there may be a further delay between your payment arriving at Payoneer, and when it becomes available in your Payoneer account.

For the Elements Payoneer payments in June, they should look something like this:

  • Friday June 16: Payment is sent from Envato. You’ll receive an email with estimated arrival times, once the outbound payment is processed.
  • Monday June 19: Payment received by Payoneer (both Payoneer and our payment processor are in the USA, so these are usually received 1 business day after we send it)
  • Payments are then available from your Payoneer account 2-5 business days after this they receive it (depending on Payoneer’s internal processing times)

It’s worth noting that the timing estimate emails for regular Bank Transfers (i.e. not sent via Payoneer) seem to be pretty accurate from what we’ve seen, as there is no additional processing time required once funds arrive in your bank account.

If you still haven’t received a Bank Transfer payment within the next few days, open an Author Support ticket and they’ll be able to check on the status of your payment. To assist with troubleshooting any payment delays, please include these details:

  • Are you being paid via the New or Old system? (Almost all authors are on the new system now, but there’s still one last batch to be added in July)
  • Have you selected Paypal or Bank Transfer?
  • If you’ve selected a Bank Transfer, is this in local currency, USD to Payoneer, or another USD receiving account?

You’re writing as if from the past, you were clearly informed that we’ve already received letters stating that the money has been sent, what Monday? what 19th? Open the calendar and you’ll see that today is the 20th. What you write carries no useful information. You’re telling about what should have happened without noticing that in fact it didn’t happen. Empty words… it’s better if you continue to keep silent.


they did not even appear on my account.


Calm down bro.
You look like an aggressive poor.

@BenLeong , please answer, why do we need such a system? Bring back the old withdrawal method to Payoneer. These payout times are not at all the convenience you were talking about. Or please consider sending the payment 4 days before the 16th, since the new system is so slow. Why should authors again be disadvantaged by the new system?


I agree. I think all payout method(old as well as new) should be option for author.

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@BenLeong you have closed all the topics and ignored all the questions in them. This post of yours gives us no answer.

I repite again: You said that the new system is very convenient and you have more control over payments in it. But we can see that the new system has failed. And you have no control over it. And it is not at all consistent with what you claimed.

We had a great system and we always knew exactly when we would get the money we had earned. In return, we get a complete fail. Will you continue to ignore it?


The main idea that I want to convey. This should not be the problem of the authors. We must receive our earned money on time. Without the authors, Envato wouldn’t have a penny! But don’t appreciate us at all. Allow yourself to ignore us. It’s low.

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I wrote to support but they don’t answer.

I wonder how long it will continue like this. Every update, every innovation is to the detriment of writers. Constant problems and most importantly, constantly falling incomes. No reason, no explanation! We will see how long you will try to grow the platform by ignoring the authors!