Any update about elements payout today

I still haven’t received the payment that was supposed to be received by 19 June 2023.

@meshgrid is it payoneer or direct local bank transfer?

@Rajibcou Payoneer (Bank Transfer)

Same issues

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Same. First payout takes some time. We have to wait


Same here.

Haven’t received my payment also on Payoneer.

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Haven’t received my payment also on Payoneer.

The 19th will end soon. There is no money.


be patient

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Why? We were presented with this system as an improvement and convenience, but in fact it has become much worse. In addition, our questions about the situation @BenLeong just ignored, even though he said they would get more control over the payments. But in fact, the money is sent in unknown time and will come in unknown time, but we have to be patient. Like it, give us more


Do not write this and it is so clear that you can wait as long as you like. But personally I don’t like it. There is clearly a technical problem here. But envato does not explain anything to us, which is strange and not serious.


@BenLeong please reply, how long do we have to wait? Why are we facing this situation? In the new system, we have to pay higher fees to receive payment for Payoneer, and it is taking a long time to receive payment. We want to revert back to the old system.


No money…
in Payoneer, in the “Upcoming” tabs, there is no information about this upcoming transaction

Hey, guys! Same situation, the letter states June 19 receipt of payment to payoneer, I think if I’m not the only one with that - so we should be patient and maybe everything will happen a little later!

I waited until the nineteenth of this month, and the payment did not reach me to Payoneer.

No money yet on payoneer

we still have not received payment. anyone received?

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Still no payment (payoneer)…

Duplicate topic - please see this thread for more information on June payments: