No payout processed mail. (Payoneer bank transfer)

On what dates of the month do you receive money from Placeit?

on the 16th
it was usually one payment - Elements + PlaceIt
but the report had two lines for each market.

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I received a mail “Envato sent you a payment”
thanks, Envato

I am in old system, but dont receive , no mail, no money

Guys, someone started to receive letters about the payment?

I received an email about payment 7 hours ago

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I received an email a few hours ago saying “Envato sent you a payment” !
But no payment was received to the bank account…!

get an email from Envato, new payment system to payoneer, should receive payment on Monday, June 19, 2023

You have received a new payment. (Payoneer)

Have you already received funds for payoneer? under the new system?


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I received an mail “Envato sent you a payment” but not received in payoneer account .


same, no payment


still waiting the payment


It would be nice if someone authorized could explain.

we still not received payment. anyone received?

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Iam having the same problem. Envato sent me mail. But did not recieved to my Payoneer account

@BenLeong why don’t you make a statement?

I also did not receive money through the new system.

Duplicate topic - please see this thread for more information on June payments: