Elements payment reminder: July payments have been processed on Monday 17th

Hi all!

This month, we now have all current Elements authors being paid via the new payment system. If you’re new to that system (starting in the June or July cohorts) I wanted to post some more information about payout timing.

Envato’s payment runs still follow their normal schedule: Elements Earnings are paid on the 16th of the month, or the next business day if the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, as it does this month. That means that you will see your July Elements payment processed on Monday 17th.

Transfer time will depend on your choice of payout method, and your location. When selecting a Payout Method for Elements, you should see an estimate of the processing time.

For example, if you are being paid via Bank Transfer to a Payoneer receiving account, the timeline will look something like this:

  • Monday 17: Payment processed by Envato; funds are sent out to Payoneer
  • Tuesday 18: Funds received by Payoneer (this usually takes 1 business day, as both sender and recipient are based in the USA)

Payoneer then processes the incoming funds, and moves them to individual accounts. From previous months, this takes them 2-5 business days to put it into your account. This is generally longer the first time they receive a payment via this method, and shorter in following months.

UPDATE (July 18): If your payment has been held due to address errors, add a valid address for your account and your payments should be processed as normal. To do this, when you set up your Elements payment information:

  • Under General Information you must use your own address. Do not use a bank branch address.
  • Under Payout Method select your chosen payment method as normal.

Hi. I suggest sending money to the authors then on the 10th. Thank you.

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Is there any letters, saying that payout successfully processed? It’s new method for me.

I have just received a payment for Envato marketplace. Also received element statement for May but no payment from element. I’m not sure if it hasn’t been processed yet, or will it be paid with a new payment method? I just got a letter 4 days ago asking me to “Get set up to receive payments from Envato”, so far I haven’t set up a new payment method, how will I receive payments from elements in May?
Thank you!

You replied to us 3 days ago. I have always used my PAYPAL account to receive payments for years. I haven’t set up a new payment method yet. I will set up a Payoneer account as a new receive payment method in the next few days.

Exactly what i thought. A mail fron Envato was announced new system for me, but it was explained i need to establish new payout destination before July 14. Looks like June payment will be processed via older system. But now everything is unclear. From previous month discussion @BenLeong said 'last bunch will be added in July". So something misleading here. It seems that ALL authors was moved to new system in June with aim to receive money in July payment rollout. But what was discussed in June sounds like “July will be last payment via old system, and in July we will be completely switching to new system, so the August payment will be processed according to payout information you set in July” . Am i wrong?

It’s a bit of a mess.
I use PayPal to receive elements earnings. Last payment was received through PayPal on June 16th.

July 11th

  • I get a message that I will be moved to the new payment system for market in August. As a result, PayPal was disabled as a payment method for my envato account without prior warnings.
  • Only One payment method can be used for both market and elements, even though payments will still be sent as two separate payments!
  • I update my payment method to the Only option I have available, which is bank transfer to Payoneer.

July 17th

  • Market earnings received via Payoneer.
  • Elements earnings not received, and will be sent to Payoneer through the new payment system.

So my take on this is the following:

  • Even though, I was to be transferred to the new payment system for market in August. I had to select a new payment method for Elements 6 days before the payment was processed in July.
  • The limitation of using one payment method for market and elements is artificial. Since two payments are sent anyway. It’s unnecessary to enforce one payment option for two separate payments.
  • Not all authors will support the most popular payment provider in the world, in a payment system that was redesigned to promise “more” options.

Hello. I still haven’t received an email that my payment has been processed.


Hi. In the old payment system, we used to get a message “Envato Elements: Your payout has been processed (i.e. we sent you money!)”. In the new payment system will there be any notifications or are we just waiting? Cause I still haven’t gotten anything.


the amount in the payment letter is much less than in the pdf report. why?


Me too, I don’t receive an email that my payment has been processed :frowning:


I also didn’t receive a payment letter.


Anyone receive “envato sent you money” mail? Still not

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no, still no confirmation email.


No mails, no replies. Feeling abandoned

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@LumenMedia same…

Received 2 hrs ago. Payout through Wise.


Was there any mails before with notice?

I’m talking about email. Money will be tomorrow according to Envato message.