October elements payment not received

Did you guys receive the envato elements payment for October ? I didn’t receive an email

If you have received an email earlier that the payment will be proceed at 15th ( 16th due to weekend ), the process has already started ( I have received my Envato payment around 9 hours ago ) but you may have received a bit late depending on your Payment method ( It was PayPal for me )

Just be patient.

If you haven’t received any email earlier of the month, you may not be getting paid this month. Check your payment settings and contact Envato support.


I received an email on changing the payment method to the new system and I have done it… I receied elements payment last month… this month still no email even

Just wait for a while. You will receive it during the day.

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I didn’t receive the Envato Market payment via Payoneer (old method) yet. I don’t know why?

I didn’t receive the Envato Market payment via Payoneer

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same, no email

Three times in a row my payout has been rejected in Envato Market. I have talked to the Envato team about this several times but they still haven’t resolved it for me.
Please suggest me what can I do now.

Could be Payoneer issue

@ all

Hi. I have 2 accounts on Envato Elements. Money came to first account, there were no problems with documents. Money was not sent to my second account, but technical support said that everything would be sent in October. As a result, this month I did not receive an email to any account at all. ha-ha. Thanks

I changed the payout method to my personal card, and the fee was $25.Why did I even bother changing it? Whom did you make this change for? :rage:

Mmm, I did received an email saying that the payout has been processed correctly and I should see it in my Payoneer balance tomorrow, so I’ll be patient till then.

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I received the email from envato as payout is done now waiting for it to reach payoneer

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Did you receive a letter from Elements or Market? I still have not received an email from Elements.

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Nothing here. No mail nor payment.

Have you got market payment, i got mail from both but market payment not reached yet.

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The same.

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@BenLeong (hope you’re getting better!), @KingDog, I received an email confirming the payment has been processed but it didn’t came in yet. Pretty serious. Any news?

I received other payments to my Payoneer account these days without any issues. What’s going on?

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If you are on the New payment systems then it will take 4-5 days to receive in your Payoneer account balance.

Problems in every month no payment yet