Envato Market Payment (new system, August 2023)

Hello everybody,

I still didn’t receive the payment from Envato.
What about you? Please let me know.



Envato market? I think you are under new payout method. New payout takes some time. I also got no mail. They will send mail when payout is sent

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Yes, Envato Market. I also didn’t get any mail about the payment.

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Didn’t get it either

i just got mail payout processed. it takes one more day to deposit in payoneer.

I received the payment email, but Payoneer has not received the money


it takes one or two day to deposit @thembay

Just be patient.

The same. Nothing was wrong with previous payouts, not sure why they changed something that worked flawlessly

I was supposed to get the payment on the 15th but it has been shifted to next month. Has anyone received payment from In Envato Market yet?

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@deloza i think your payout not processed yet. processing time of each author is done one by one under new payout method

I know Envato element has upgraded its new payment. But has Envato market updated the payment method? If so, how do I set it up?

The market sends the old way. There is a letter, but no money.

Hi all.

@Marketify @thembay @crivion @rajibcou @TimCat I can see that you’re all receiving your first Market payments via the new system this month. The Market Earnings payments have been sent out today (Aug 15th), and the arrival time will depend on the method you have chosen.

For example:

Local Currency bank transfers (sent via IACH) generally clear in 1-2 business days.

Payoneer USD payments via Bank Transfer generally take 1 business day to arrive at Payoneer, and then they have an internal processing time (usually 2-5 days) before they make those funds available in your account.

It looks like the Payoneer processing times are longest for the first payment via that method, as they need to run some regulatory compliance checks: other authors have reported that subsequent months’ payments have gone through much faster.

@DELOZA We’re adding Envato Market authors to the new payment system in batches. When it’s available for your account, you will receive an email from us with more details on how to set it up, and the new payment methods that will be available. Currently we have a little over 10k Market authors being paid through that system.

I don’t have any information on your August payment, unfortunately - if you haven’t done so already, please open an Author Support ticket and that team will be able to look into your account.


Did the market automatically switch to the new system? The letter came in an old style.

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Anyone with this issue?
@BenLeong Do you have any info?
After 13 years on the market i need to pass some verifications?

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Same issues

check out your additional insruction. Your envato Address must be same with payoneer address.

The new payment system may require additional verification that we previously provided. Once you have it filled in properly the next payment run will go a lot smoother :grin:

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same, me too