September payment thread, for authors in the new payment system

Hi all. I’m creating this thread so we have a central place for questions about September payments through the new payment system. The system has been in operation for Elements authors from January 2023, and this is the first month that a batch of Market-only authors have been added to this system.

To assist with troubleshooting, please include the following information:

  • Your Payout type: Market or Elements payment?
  • Your Payout method: e.g. local currency bank transfer / Payoneer USD transfer / Wise USD transfer / etc
  • Your Location: Which country are you in?

:warning: Before opening an Author Support ticket, ensure that you have read the following information:


  • Friday 15 September (today): Market monthly payouts have been sent from Envato
  • Monday 18 September: Elements monthly payouts are sent from Envato. US-based services like Payoneer are likely to receive Market funds.
  • Tuesday 19 September: US-based services like Payoneer are likely to receive Elements funds.
  • After Payoneer receives funds from Envato, it takes then 2-5 business days to get these into customer accounts.
    • If this is the first time you have received a payment through this method, expect this to be on the longer end of the spectrum.
    • If you have already received payments this way in previous months, expect the processing time to be shorter.

Bank Transfer method

The new payout system uses the Bank Transfer method as a universal connection to the wide range of money transfer, bank and neo-bank services that are now available. This also opens up the ability to receive payments sent in local currency to your bank, which are transferred via faster and cheaper local banking routes.

If you use Bank Transfer via Payoneer’s USD receiving account, you are likely to experience longer delays in your first month using this system. It takes 1-2 business days for funds to move from Envato to Payoneer, and they estimate an internal processing time of a further 2-5 business days until they make the funds available in your account.

You may be contacted about providing additional information to complete compliance checks for your bank or money transfer service - for example, if your address or other General Information fields do not appear to match the location specified for your payout method.

For more information on setting up payout details in the new system, see this Help Centre article:

Please note: I will be away until Sep 26, so @KingDog will be managing this thread while I’m out.


Hi there,

Does anybody received the payment from Envato today on 15.09.2023 ?


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Hi there,

I didn’t. Very annoying



Didn’t get email.

I’ve got the email finally, waiting for the actual money to arrive

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we got email and money


Hello, are you talking about envato elements payments or envato market payments? I haven’t received any mail yet.

Envato Market.
I also got the payout message 2 hours ago via mail. But still didn’t arrive

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@Marketify I’ve moved the posts from your thread into this one, so we have a central place to put all September payment posts.

Please see the timeline above, and let us know which payout method you have selected. Processing times will vary based on method and location - for example, if you’re being paid via Payoneer’s USD receiving account, you should see this arrive in your account next week.

I will be on leave for the next week (technically I was meant to log off about four hours ago :joy:) so @KingDog will be managing this thread while I’m out.


Update, payment finally reached :slight_smile: I think we’ve got to get used to the new way which takes a little bit longer

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didn’t get elements payout…

Check the original first post. Information is there.

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Again this month my payout was rejected in Envato Market. I don’t understand why payouts are getting rejected repeatedly in Envato Market.

The first time(15 August 2023) my inverter was rejected in the Envato Market I spoke to the payoneer support center and they told me it was ok from their site. I thought my Envato Market payout would be complete next month( September -2023). But this time also I got rejected in the Envato Market.

I need help to get paid this month from Envato Market.


I have this email, but I haven’t received my payment, and my Earnings Statements haven’t been updated.

I would definitely get in contact with Payoneer as it looks like they are rejecting the transfer. Also, it might be a good idea to check out some of the other payments methods than Payoneer. You might find something easier and maybe even cheaper.

Didnt get mail

I have received an email for an earnings statement update for July, but I haven’t received my payment.

I use PayPal as my payment method, whereas last month I received my payment smoothly along with the earning statement notification. payment hasn’t arrived yet.

Should I switch to a local bank for my payments to be received ?

Please, help.


It’s 18th today and the payout didnt receive

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