September payment thread, for authors in the new payment system

Hi @anchor_point_heshan, I have moved your post to this thread and you will get information above in the original first post.

I didn’t get the Elements payment




  • Friday 15 September (today): Market monthly payouts have been sent from Envato
  • Monday 18 September: Elements monthly payouts are sent from Envato. US-based services like Payoneer are likely to receive Market funds.
  • Tuesday 19 September: US-based services like Payoneer are likely to receive Elements funds.
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Same here… I received an email with the statement but not about the payout


That means the email is likely to be received tomorow the 19th ?

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Today you should receive email like this:
Your payout has been processed

and tomorrow you may receive email/notification from the service provider like Payoneer.

After Payoneer receives funds from Envato, it takes then 2-5 business days to get these into customer accounts.

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I didnt receive an email that’s why Im worried

@KingDog may check it and reply you on this.

Is the payment of elements pending? Because I only got the Statement email but the money hasn’t gone to paypal yet




Yes same no email about payment


Same here, just got a statement email but the money hasn’t been sent to PayPal, last month it went smoothly after the statement came after 30 minutes the money went to PayPal


For paypal payment will it be the same will be paid on September 19, 2023?

It says they have sent the payment but no email received

This thread about the new payment system. But as 16th and 17th was weekend so the payout for both new and old has been processed on 18th and received payment in account on method can be delay.

Same here, statement email received but no payment email! (Bank Transfer)

It takes time to receive payment on Bank Transfer (2-5 days).

Yep noticed this since I already using bank transfers since May. But there will be usually 2 emails, 1 statement email, and one payment has been sent email. (Just want to share my current status with other contributors)

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Yes I also think that we should have received the email not the funds

Have you now received payment in your paypal account? Because i also use paypal but haven’t got the payment yet

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