March-April-May 2023: I have not received my Elements payment this month

Hello friends, I am using payoneer and I am using the new payment system. It’s been 2 months since we switched to the new payment system. I haven’t been paid for 2 months. Anyone getting paid with payooner this month?
Support is not responding. @BenLeong

Hello @vafah

Your payout was more then $50 ? you can open ticket envato team will happy to help!

Customer support


yes, I passed 50 usd, I opened a ticket, they do not answer

Same here. Even though I use a PayPal account that I normally use, but they said that the payment has been returned to elements. I don’t know what’s going on. They ask to verify the payment information, I did and nothing happened till now. And they don’t give the feedback. But still get paid from GR with the same Paypal Account.

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I didn’t get paid last month either. They wanted to verify my address. After verifying my address they said I will get paid this month. But now I see that I didn’t get paid.

Same here
I changed my Paypal account on April 8th and have not received any payments yet
I also sent a message to customer service and no one has answered me yet

Same here. Support answered that they will check it urgently, but nothing happens…


I still haven’t received my money. I was asked to confirm my address.

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Hi all - sorry to hear about this! You will need to open an Author Support ticket for more information - I don’t have access to payment details, but the Support team can find out what’s happening with your payments.

We have around half of all Elements Author payments going through the new system now, and failed or returned payments are rare, but USD payments sent to Payoneer can take longer than they used to.

If any payment fails (for example, if PayPal details are changed too late in the month), the balance is returned to your account, and we’ll automatically re-try that payment in the following pay run.

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Thank you Ben! The problem is that some of us didn’t change anything in payment settings. Opening support ticket gives no reaction. Noone informs us what to do since 5 days and bills don’t wait to be paid.


Yes me too

@BenLeong The problem is that support is not responding.

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Hi all I have not received my payment. Already open an support ticket, no answers 2 days ago.
Never happen before since 2017, so I am worried. Please help.

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I recieved on time


Hey there - me neither. Has never happened before, I was bombarded with ID proof verifications requests from Payoneer - nothing worked and eventually the payment was declined and returned to Envato.

5 days still no response from Support team.

Please help us.

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I received the payment yesterday. Thankyou.


Happy to hear that :slight_smile: There’s hope that someone is interested to solve this case.

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