February Market payments - consolidated thread

Hi all. I’m starting a centralised discussion for any February Market payment comments, so these are more easily monitored by staff. We’ve used this format for a while in the Elements area, and it’s much easier to keep track of these compared to having threads scattered in all the different content areas.

All Author payments for Market and Elements are now processed through our new payment system: some Elements Authors have been on this system since last February, and the final batch of Market authors were added last November.

Market payments are processed on the 15th of each month, or the first business day after this if that falls on a weekend. That means that the February Market payment run was processed today.

Some ground rules for this thread:

  • Please be patient. International payments take time to go through all the banks and payment processors along the way - posting in this thread every few minutes won’t speed that up, and it makes it harder to spot any potential issues from other Authors.

  • If your account has issues connected to compliance checks, please open an Author Support ticket instead of posting here. That way you have a private channel for questions and information about your account, and you will be dealing directly with the team that can help you. Public speculation about the reasons for a blocked or returned payment is not helpful: nobody on the forums will have enough context about your account history, location or bank.

  • If you are posting about the status of your payment (e.g. “got my email but no money received in my account” or “my payment has arrived!”), please include your country, and the payout method you have chosen. That’s useful information for everyone here.

  • If this is your first time receiving a monthly payout through the new system, include that in your post as well. First-time payments tend to take a little longer to process, due to compliance checks required by payment processors.

Also, if you need more information on how to set up an Market payment method, refer to this Help Centre article for more detail:



Has anyone received the February payout and email? I’ve selected Payoneer.


I’m on PayPal and I have received ~5 hours ago. Just be patient.


I have not, is payout for CodeCanyon on the 15th?

All of marketplace, including CC, yes

On the help center it says

> Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month. To be eligible for a payout on the 15th you must have set up your payout account by the 14th of that month.
**> **
> For example, to receive a payment on the 15th February, you would need to have a payout account set up and the minimum required for that payout destination on or before 14th February.

Does this mean I will be checked for eligibility of payout on the 15th? Because I read on other topics saying I have to eligible for minimum payout threshold on the last day of previous month meaning 31 Jan.

Did you request the payment before 31st?

I have checked almost all their documentation and checked everywhere on the Codecanyon and envato accounts, there is no mention if how to request a payout. Am I missing something? How do I request a payout?

I’m new btw, Jan was my first month.Closed Jan on $45 since I published first item on 27 Jan. My payout is set as bank transfer. Any pointers will be appreciated.

Hi, guys again,

I got my email from Envato but no money received in my Payoneer account. Don’t say be patient. :grin: This month isn’t like going to the previous months.

Please update if your method is Payoneer. I’m so worried because updated my payout details yesterday.


You’re not gonna get paid this month. Check this one out:

You can search the forum for the previous known issues on Payoneer but if you have received the email ( PS: We have sent the money ) it’s on Payoneer side, may take a while to credit the amount on your account.

I did it in the forum topics but didn’t get anything. Let me just wait for it. Thank you for your information!

Once you receive the “Envato sent you a payment” email, takes 2-5 days for Payoneer to process. If that’s your first time receiving payment to a Payoneer account, it takes a little longer. Usually, on the bottom of that email, you will see “You should receive your payment on” and there’s a date when you can expect to see that on Payoneer as upcoming.


Thanks. These documentations are misleading they say two different things, check what they say here:

The documentations just need updating because they are misleading and unclear.

That’s about “earnings” the one I posted about “payments”. In addition, you’re not gonna get paid, I think the minimum is still 50$

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Since 31st Jan I made more sales and balance is close to $500 now. On 15th of each month am I being sent the amount earned from 1 to 30/31 of each month or 15th prev to 15th current month, that’s the part I don’t understand. If I made $100 before 31 Jan and make $300 more before the 15th. How many much will I get paid? Because a lot can happen in 15 days, just being logical and asking for a clarification please.

You’ll receive the amount you made in the previous month.
If you made $100 in January, then you’ll receive $100 in February 15th.



Ээе нутаг нэгтэн минь бас форумд идэвхтэй байдаг байсан юм байнашд :grin:

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